“Warrior”: one of the best fighting movies, Tom hardy plays this movie. Venom is really his most recommended role

Movie Review

In the hearts of many men, boxing is always the most stimulating sport. If there are still some flaws in the boxing match, it is that there are certain rules. But MMA, also known as mixed martial arts, is a sport that completely circumvents the shortcomings of boxing matches. Players can use various methods to force their opponents to surrender. Boxing, karate, Sanshou, and judo are all possible. The risk factor of sports also increases significantly with its degree of freedom.

In 2011, a movie with a mixed martial arts as the main theme was released. The name of this movie was “Warrior”. One of the leading actors is Tom Hardy. If you are unfamiliar with his name, then the actor who plays Venom in “Venom” is Tom Hardy.

There is a sentence on the Internet to describe him. Tom Hardy asked the director, how can he be a good bad guy? The answer given by the director is that you only need to converge a little. Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it can also explain a problem from the side. As long as the role played by Tom Hardy, there is generally a terrifying cruelty.

In “Warrior”, the person he plays is named Tommy. My father is a drunkard, and every time he gets drunk, he and his brother will be beaten up. Finally one day, the mother could no longer bear it and wanted to leave with her two children. My brother chose to stay here because of his first love, and eventually his mother left with Tommy. After leaving, the mother and son experienced various setbacks. On a stormy night, Tommy watched his mother die because of poverty.

Then Tommy joined the army, but in one mission, his teammates were all killed by the enemy, and his best friend also left the world in this battle. Tommy was fed up with the war and chose to become a deserter and return to his hometown. At this time, a Spartan mixed martial arts match was held in the United States, and the prize money was 5 million. Tommy wants to win the prize money and donates all to his friend’s widow.

At this time, Tommy’s brother had married his first love girlfriend and became a physics teacher. However, because her daughter suffers from congenital heart disease, she needs surgery as soon as possible. The elder brother also chose to participate in this Spartan mixed martial arts match, and the two brothers took part in this match by mistake. After rounds of competitions, the two started a final duel. Under his brother’s sentence I love you, Tommy gave up the game and accepted his destiny.

This movie is one of the few movies and TV dramas that is based on fighting, and it is still a very successful one. Compared with other fighting genres, the director chose a special way. Fighting is not the main theme in this movie, but family is the main theme of the whole movie.

The contradiction between Tommy and his brother, the contradiction with his father, and the emotion between the two children and his father are the main theme of this movie. From the beginning, the film did not explain all the background of the story, but as the story unfolded, it started step by step.

The biggest advantage of this kind of expression is that when the audience is appreciating, there is always a question in their minds, that is, what is wrong with the family? With an in-depth understanding of this issue, coupled with various thrilling fighting images in mixed martial arts, the whole movie has a perfect expression effect. The movie ended with the fighting between the brothers. On the one hand, it ended the mixed martial arts competition, and on the other hand, it ended the emotional disputes of the whole family. It can be said to be a perfect ending.

Of course, in addition to the good visual effects of this movie, it is more important that people can think of many things from it. For example, Tommy just returned home, he hates his father, he also hates his brother, and he also hates the world. Deep in his heart, he was always surrounded by a high wall, and he didn’t want to let others in, and he didn’t want to go out. Watching her mother die in front of her, watching her comrades die in front of her, watching her friends lose their lives in the war. Everything he experienced made him qualified to hate everything in this world.

Hate and love are relative. He hates his father because his father has never given him a little paternal love, just like a helpless child who wants his father to shelter him from the wind and rain. He hates his brother because he betrayed himself and his mother, but he also understands that his brother was out of helplessness, and now he just wants his brother’s care.

When hatred reaches a certain height, you can never hate again. Similarly, when love reaches a certain height, it cannot be loved. The whole movie made people feel the helplessness of Tommy, and he vented all the dissatisfaction in his heart with his fists. But the last sentence facing my brother, I love you. All the dissatisfaction and hatred in my heart disappeared in an instant.

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