Rampage: Entertaining is definitely enough

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The latest sci-fi action film “Rampage” starring “Big Rock” Johnson brings a rich sensory and emotional experience to the audience, with distinctive characters, majestic and immersive soundtracks, and magnificent The special effects scenes make this film stand out in the genre of sci-fi action movies, and it is an entertaining movie.

“Rampage” is the fourth sci-fi action film between Dashi Johnson and director Brad Payton. The film is adapted from a video game in the 1980s. There was a problem with the high-tech equipment of the biological laboratory in outer space. Three experimental tubes containing chemical drugs fell back to the earth and landed in the wilderness of three different regions of the United States. After being inhaled by three animals, they mutated into Huge monsters include George the albino orangutan at the San Diego Zoo (Motion Capture by Jason Lyles), an alligator in the Florida Everglades, and a wolf in Wyoming.

Former Marine Corps member Davis Okoye (played by Dawn Johnson), who took care of George’s childhood, found that his good friend suddenly grew up overnight, and his temperament changed drastically. Before finding out the cause, it was discovered that three huge monsters were heading towards Chicago, USA for unknown reasons. They were devastated and devastated along the way, endangering the lives and safety of the public.

Davis, female scientist Kate Coldway (played by Naomi Harris) and Agent Russell (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) worked hard to awaken George the orangutan and joined forces against the other two invincible Big monster to save human civilization.

Similar to this movie, sci-fi action movies adapted from video games are often available, but if the plot processing is slightly improper, it is easy to become an uninspired popcorn movie, and even the high-cost action fighting scenes will be eclipsed. Although “Rampage” is also a movie whose main goal is to entertain the audience, the original game adapted from it actually has no plot. Only genetically mutated monsters wreak havoc in the city and smashed skyscrapers. I believe many viewers will ask: “This What can be adapted into a movie?”

However, in “Rampage”, not only the emotional element of protecting relatives and friends is added as the main story, but the main characters in the film are also very distinctive, complementing the lack of plot in the game. For example, George the albino orangutan has a naughty and funny personality. He always jokes with Davis and forms a sharp contrast with the violent giant monster. He is the unexpected king of laughter in the film (it has a special gesture that everyone likes to make in the film. You can pay attention to it at that time).

Another highlight is the supporting role of Agent Russell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the role of this mysterious “other government agency agent” who is always ruffian. He smiles like he is walking from the set of “The Walking Dead”. from. Even though he is wearing a suit, he still exudes a strong cowboy atmosphere, and his quarrel with Davis is also a friend and foe, which also adds a lot to the movie. The heroine Kate Coldway, played by Naomi Harris, also completely escapes from the weak female role waiting for the man to save. It is an important part of helping Davis find a solution. Harris’ performance is very powerful.

As the fourth collaborative work of the two, Johnson and the director Brad in “Rampage” work closely together, and the results presented in the film are also very good in the “San Andreas” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” series. style of. Johnson once again performed Tiehan’s tenderness, and many fighting scenes gave people a kind of: “If there was a boulder protected, this man would have been K.O. long ago!”

“Rampage” did not consider whether all the links are in accordance with the normal proportions, and the soundtrack and computer special effects are even more open to a larger scale. The two biggest challenges of computer special effects: hair and water, are all rendered realistically in “Rampage”. For example, George’s white hair has distinct roots and is very authentic. As the Queen’s Soundtrack for Johnson/Peyton’s films, Andrew Rockington has worked with the two again after “San Andreas” and “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”, and the soundtrack composes the audience’s emotions. Hold on, and successfully create the turbulent waves that only this kind of monster battle movie can require.

There is also a “woman in red” egg in the film, which is a stalk buried by the director who loves the original game. But even viewers who are not familiar with the game will be impressed by the scene where the villain Claire Witton (played by Marlene Ackerman) was eaten by a violent George in a red coat, with a strong contrast of colors. It’s breathtaking.

As an entertainment-oriented popcorn movie, “Rampage” even if the story is simple and easy to understand, the distinctive characters, meticulous computer effects and passionate soundtrack in the film can also play with the audience’s various emotions and let the audience take Various passions walked out of the cinema.

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