The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

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Today’s article is dedicated to the most worth watching British and American dramas in 2020.

Nominations are made in no order. It just so happens that everyone has recently entered a new stage of “drama famine”.

It’s better to check the missing and fill up the vacancies and see what other good dramas left last year.

01 “The Mandalorian” Season 2

The “Star Wars” movie post-post trilogy, especially “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” disappointed passers-by and fans, and the old IP suffered a crisis.

“Star Wars 7” is also following the same steps in the past, “Star Wars 8” is too big and awkward, “Star Wars 9” wants to go back and make up, but it has become Martin Scorsese’s most hated paradise movie.

The spin-off series “The Mandalorian” appeared at the right time.

Producer Jon Favreau moved to Marvel’s successful routine and chose an ingenious creative route.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

By focusing on second-tier roles and adopting the routines of Western films and even Japanese samurai films, the gap between Star Wars’ original and postscripts is filled.

The second season strengthened the interaction between the male protagonist Din Djarin and Baby Yoda (Grogu), introducing more old characters and plots from the Star Wars universe.

Big screen level CG special effects and performances, RPG games generally pass the story of the general, become the best spiritual food for geeks in 2020.

The appearance of Luke in the Everbright finale is a full score.

02 “Upload” (Season 1)

The same thing is that the dead upload their consciousness to Lake View.

This new drama is not a simple imitation of the “San Junipello” story in the third season of “Black Mirror”, but rather satirizes the current state of the Internet industry with the future.

As it is a comedy, Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell)’s physical death did not cause too much pain to his loved ones.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

Because he can continue to contact his relatives through VR technology.

He continued to be active in Lake View, and he also had an affair with his guide Nora (played by Andy Allo).

Lake View is a purely commercial operation, and the dead find that this place is the same as the living world, still being cut by capital.

The service is divided into grades, and there are many types of internal payment items. The guide forces you to give five-star praise to poor people who have no money to recharge to live in poorly equipped rooms.

What is important is that Nathan Brown did not think about the meaning of life after his death, but the IT company he ran before his death seemed to be connected with his death…

03 “The Queen’s Gambit”

It is said that after the show was launched on Netfilx, it has led to a surge in chess sales.

Shooting an infrequent intellectual game is relatively easy to understand, even if the audience knows nothing about chess, they can still be attracted by the story.

This is enough to reflect the creative strength of producer and director Scott Frank.

In fact, the core of the story of “The Queen’s Gambit” is still relatively routine.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

The genius girl had an unbearable childhood and was hurt by a neurotic single mother.

Growing up in an orphanage, the lonely and sensitive heart contrasts with the super high IQ.

After adulthood, he drinks and takes drugs, but still gains love and “salvation” through playing chess.

The thrill of a genius girl breaking the monopoly of men’s IQ games.

Under the background of the US-Soviet Cold War, American women’s curious sense of breaking into the socialist camp has won the recognition of global audiences.

Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy)’s highly recognizable performance and art’s wonderful restoration of the elegant texture of the 1960s also add a lot of points.

04 “The Crown Season 4”

If you want to choose the highest average level in Netflix’s long-form series (more than three seasons), “The Crown” dare to say that it is second, and no other dare to say that it is first.

The story timeline of Season 4 is closer to modern times.

In the main storyline, whether it is the unfortunate marriage tragedy of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina, Margaret Thatcher comes to power…

These are elements familiar to mainstream audiences today.

When Prince Charles played by Josh O’Connor, Princess Diana played by Emma Corrin, and Gillian Anderson’s version of Iron Lady appear in front of you.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

You can’t help but compare with the news images in the memories, and there is a wonderful feeling that reality shines into the drama.

Behind the gossip of the royal family, the creator also analyzed the deep-seated reasons of Diana’s tragedy in a simple and simple way, showing the inevitable shadow under the “crown”.

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05 “Ted Lasso”

This drama comes from Apple’s streaming media platform-Apple Tv+, which many people may not know yet.

When they announced that they would change a comedy commercial from NBC into a series and also invited the mediocre Jason Sudeikis as the leading actor, no one took it seriously.

But it is this series called “Ted Lasso” that has become the highest-rated work since the launch of Apple TV+.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

As an American football coach, Ted Lasso was invited by the Premier League football team to coach.

Ted Lasso has no relevant coaching experience and cannot be trusted by the team members. Even the inviter wants him to mess up everything.

The United States and Britain contracted a lot of jokes in the first half of the show.

In the second half, the sports cultures of the two countries begin to combine ingeniously, and all aspects of European club operations are presented. The audience will enter the plot like playing a football business game.

The design of Ted Lasso’s marriage crisis and club crisis also makes this comedy not vulgar.

06 “Raised by Wolves”

Ridley Scott waved his hand to shoot American dramas, which made “Raised by Wolves” the most-watched original series since HBO Max went live in May last year.

In this American drama without the participation of big stars, several major plot elements are more or less related to Ridley Scott’s previous science fiction films, such as bionics, religion, belief, creation, and creator.

The core protagonist of “Raised by Wolves” is the wolf-like “mother” of the bionic person.

The theme of the story is the confrontation between the “atheism” sect and the “solitary religion” who believes in the sun god Thor, which continues the creator’s skepticism of religion.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

The content that Ridley Scott is most interested in, back and forth or those few: What makes us humans? What constitutes a family? What will the future dystopian world look like?

However, he was only responsible for filming the first few episodes, so that the word-of-mouth of the play from the beginning of the “sacred work” fell to the point where there were too many shortcomings and I didn’t know which one to say at the end.

In any case, the second season has also announced the renewal.

07 “All Creatures Great and Small”

A young boy who was studying at a veterinary school in Scotland came to a small town in the countryside of England to work as a veterinarian. He worked as a teacher, married and had children, was kind to people, and loved animals.

This is a real life portrayal of British veterinarian James Herriot. He was written into an autobiographical novel and adapted by the BBC into a healing British drama “All Creatures Great and Small”.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

In the 1930s in the background of the play, animal husbandry was still a vital part of the lives of many British people.

Veterinarians who serve pigs, horses, cows, sheep, dogs and other animals have become the lofty hope of many farmers.

In the beautiful scenery like Windows wallpaper, our protagonist stepped into every house and healed the injured animals one after another.

There is no preaching or accusation in this play. It only uses clean and pure trivial matters, silently using the love of the characters for the animals in the play to warm the hearts of the audience.

08 “Mrs. America”

Cate Blanchett has also entered the television circle.

The plot unfolds from the perspective of many iconic figures in the American affirmative movement, telling the background of the United States’ promotion of “Equal Rights Amendment”.

Cate Blanchett played a risky move this time. Her role as Phyllis Schlafly is a conservative activist who is committed to opposing equal rights for men and women, opposing homosexuality, and opposing the legalization of abortion.

The “anti-feminist” forces led by her fought fiercely against the callers of women’s liberation. As an anti-hero character, the heroine is not portrayed as a villain.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

With the rise of the MeToo movement, the Demon King, with his superb acting skills and from the perspective of such a conservative figure, showed the conservatism of the late 1970s and rethinks the dilemma that the feminist movement still faces today.

09 “The Last Dance”

A 10-episode documentary about Michael Jordan is very worth watching for fans.

For non-basketball fans and young people who have never experienced the “Bull Dynasty” in the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Jordan is the legendary “God of Basketball”, the “flying man” on AJ shoes, and a new generation. The king in the hearts of the ball kings.

But who exactly is Jordan? What have you experienced in the 6 NBA championships in 8 years? What happened to retirement after three consecutive championships? Why did he still play baseball?

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

For die-hard basketball fans, Jordan’s journey in the last season of 1998 seems to be vivid.

And “The Last Dance” will be tracked and filmed throughout this season.

Let the audience who only know Jordan’s name but not his people, see that whether they face management conflicts, teammates’ injuries, opponents’ attacks, or their father’s accidental death, they can withstand the pressure and keep moving forward. The Jordan with the faith: “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept never tried.”

10 “This Is Us Season 5”

In the fifth season, “This Is Us” will still make you heartbeat, cry, be infected, and be touched, but it is no longer just a simple “chicken soup drama”.

This time keeping pace with the times is that the black character who plays the leading role in the series has also begun to think about the movement of “Black people’s fate is also fate”, as well as further reflections on the race relations touched in previous seasons.

The play also added a lot of content about the “epidemic prevention” of American civilians.

The 10 best British and American dramas of 2020

Neighbors should try to keep a “safe distance” of a few meters, and face-to-face conversations with psychologists were changed to online.

At the end of writing, I suddenly missed “The Big Bang Theory”.

If this drama is still on air, Xie Er must be the best baby who loves the body the most among the few people.

Here is the list of the top ten best British and American dramas in 2020. And who does the best in your heart belong to?

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