Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: classic black humor film, also made action superstar Jason Statham

Movie Review

Speaking of black humor movies, which movie do you think of? Maybe Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” or Martin Brest’s “Midnight Run”. And there is only one black humor film that can reach the top in the hearts of most fans, not the one mentioned above, but “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. It can also be regarded as many good movies that have been buried because of the title. Although the title is very inconspicuous, it does not hide its flaws. Its content can definitely make you ignore its flaws.

Different from other movies, the supporting roles of this film can be said to be equivalent to the protagonists, and each supporting role is an extremely important part. It’s like dominoes, one is indispensable. Therefore, the film uses a lot of parallel editing. So, be patient and watch this film carefully, don’t give up halfway and claim that this is a bad film.

“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” is a full-fledged British movie, full of British flavor in those London accents that you are not accustomed to listening to, and British humor that only people with a certain intelligence can appreciate. Above. In short, this is a British movie.

This movie is a typical movie with structure and narrative and lens. Gerich was a fledgling player, and he could only win by odds, so he simply started to play. The story structure of the whole movie is scattered and undivided. Most people feel dizzy during the first eight minutes of watching this movie, because it will be the same person and then the other person, and it seems that there is nothing The relationship is confusing. But as long as you survive this dizzy few minutes and understand its general structure, you will get used to it later. And his narrative is basically the kind of lines that you seem to have nothing to do, and in the end they are very cleverly twisted together.

Yes, ingenious, this movie is a real chance. As for the movie lens, the combination of dynamic and static is really gorgeous. I personally think that the most exquisite part is the part where Eddie participated in the gambling. Perhaps this is exactly what Gerich learned from Hong Kong films. Quentin learned about the gunfights of Hong Kong films, and Gerich studied the gambling of Hong Kong films. The set of rotating close-up shots are still pretty cool.

In addition, when showing Eddie’s collapse when he lost all his money and still owed a debt, and the revelry when they grabbed the money, the shaking shots appropriately made the viewer feel that the earth was moving. The most classic is the last two sets of freeze-frame shots: one is the price set for the two big smoke guns in the magazine, and the other is when Tom is picking up the gun on the bridge with his phone and the phone rang. The whole movie is fixed at the end of Tom picking up the gun, leaving a little suspense to the audience, which is also the unique feature of the film’s narrative technique.

The story revolves around two lines: money and guns.

Ed, Bacon, Tom, and Soap each put together twenty-five thousand and a total of one hundred thousand. They are ready to use Ed’s card game talent to find Harry to make a fortune. They don’t want to be conspired by Harry and Bailey and owe Harry five. One hundred thousand gambling debts. If the 500,000 Ed and his three companions are not cleared within seven days, their fingers will be cut off. Ed, who was too frightened, was drunk and unconscious for two days, and his three companions were also helpless.

There is no way to the sky, the drunk Ed, because the room is not working well, accidentally hears the neighbor next door, that the Agou and the group are going to rob Winston and the group of drugs, and suddenly he has a plan to make a living. So he summoned Bacon, Tom, and Soap to plan a “black eat black” drama.

At the same time, Harry also asked Bailey to find someone to find two big smoke guns. Bailey found Laudrukan and Gary, two dumb thieves. They specialize in robbing the post office and stealing cars. Bailey asked them to steal guns and told them to take all the robs in the cabinet. But what Laudrukan and Gary didn’t know was that Bailey wanted the butler’s gun to shoot them, but the gun was not in the cabinet. Lauderukan and Gary brought all the guns in the cabinet to Pele, but they sold the gun Pele wanted to Nick, the Greek for 700 yuan.

Watching this film, what you want is that feeling. Colored black and white movies, a combination of fast and slow shots, authentic London accents, British rock, foul language, marijuana, cigarettes, spirits, banknotes, many scenes like rock MV and the entire closed story behind it, let people watch It was quite enjoyable and felt in place.

You can hardly say how much truth the director wants to explain through such a light and shadow, and explain how shocking the world is. Directors are more of a sense of playfulness, and postmodern movies generally have this characteristic. Emphasize personal style, emphasize the feeling of the movie, and even sacrifice the balance of the rhythm for the feeling, or over-render some scenes to achieve the extreme enjoyment of watching the moment.

This style has a lot of fans, and what they are really chasing is not the director’s “black humor” as they themselves describe, but the pleasure they enjoy in the process of watching the movie. Black humor is just a means, and it can’t be counted as a type at all. It’s just undeniable that many postmodern directors now like to use black humor or violent aesthetics to shape the instant pleasure they seek.

What I have to say is the end of the film. This is a very, very interesting ending. The antique gun became the only evidence that they were related to the 2N corpses in front of them, so they decided to throw the gun away, but shot a person out and threw this away. When the gun was being fired, the other three people knew the value of the gun was N million, so they rushed to contact the person.

The scene at this time is very interesting. On one side, there are three people who are going crazy, and the other is a leisurely and contented partner who sneaks a gun. When the call didn’t go out, the man already threw the gun down with a face of relief. Just when the audience regretted it, the man turned his head and saw that the gun fell on the stage next to Qiao.

The audience breathed a sigh of relief, but the man was more helpless, and continued to resolutely prepare to throw the gun away. He grabbed the railing of the bridge with one hand and was about to throw the gun in the other hand. As the phone in his jacket fell into the river, he held the phone in his mouth. When he was struggling to grab the gun and was about to throw it into the river, His cell phone rang, and his friends must have told him not to throw away the gun on the other side of the phone. It was very valuable. But he knew there, he only knew that what he was holding in his hand was evidence that might prove their guilt.

The last shot of the film is a person awkwardly by the bridge, holding the railing of the bridge in one hand to prevent him from falling, and holding the gun in the other hand with the mobile phone in his mouth. Then the film ends. What happened in the end? do not know.

It is worth mentioning that “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” is the debut work of director Guy Ritchie. From the director to the actors, this film is a “rookie”. Nowadays, the well-known action superstar Jason Statham officially entered the showbiz with this movie. The protagonist Ed was just a small actor who had only acted in one TV series before. What is even more surprising is that the player who played the big Chris turned out to be a football player. Who could have imagined that such a group of “rookie” crews would perform such a glorious movie. At the same time, the film’s narrative technique has a wide-ranging influence on later generations.

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