The Invisible Guest: The truth is not complicated, but there are too many lies

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In this filthy world, I hope you have a pair of eyes where you can see kindness and malice. If the world is disturbing, then we keep our innocence and don’t let the dirty things cloud our hearts.

The protagonist of the story is a business elite named Adrian, who owns a wealth of wealth and is well-known in the economic field. One day, when he woke up, he found himself in a hotel with his dead lover by his side. Bright red blood flowed from her head, and the hotel floor was full of banknotes. He quickly called the police, and the police immediately intervened in the investigation.

At this time, Virginia, the lawyer he hired with a high salary, was on his way to help him remove the suspicion. Adrian explained to Virginia what happened in the few months that happened in the case, saying that he and Laura are lovers, and he is deeply ashamed of his wife, and plans to end this with his lover on a vacation in the suburbs. Segment relationship. While they were arguing while driving, they accidentally ran into a man. In order to escape the danger of being caught by the police, lover Laura dragged the man’s body into the car and sank into the suburban pond along with the car that caused the accident. This threatened Adrian and asked him to continue the relationship.

What they didn’t expect was that their behavior was seen by an old man who wrote a threatening letter asking them to pay a huge hush fee at the hotel. After being rejected, he killed Laura and stunned the male lead.

While the lawyer listened to the male protagonist explaining the whole incident, through a series of derivations, he proved that what the male protagonist said were all falsehoods, and he told the truth about the whole incident: the male protagonist and the female protagonist were driving. While going to the hotel, he ran into the boy Daniel, and the male protagonist sank the boy into the water in order not to affect his future and reputation. When Laura fled the scene of the crime, she was condemned by her conscience and told the boy’s parents in private. After the hero knew about it, she was afraid that it would be revealed, so she killed his lover and set the scene of the crime into a scene. Murder case.

The lawyer could not bear the indifference and cruelty of the hero, and finally gave up helping the hero in this lawsuit. At this time, the male protagonist told a secret that the boy had asked him for help before he died, but he cruelly refused. The lawyer broke out, slammed the door and left.

After the lawyer left, the male protagonist found the recorder on the table, and the doorbell rang, and another lawyer came in. At this time, the male protagonist looked out the window, and the lawyer just removed her mask. It turned out that she was the boy’s mother. Accompanied by the harsh sound of police sirens.

The video ends here.

The film adopts a narrative technique, and the encapsulated structure makes the story a series of ups and downs. At the time when the audience thought it was about to happen, they suddenly turned to another angle, pushing away the audience’s expectations over and over again, and the story only revealed the cause of the incident later. , It makes a lot of sense.

The character in the film, Adrian, is a cruel and cold-blooded man who does nothing to achieve his goals. In order to remove the obstacles on his way to success, he treats other people’s lives as a child’s play, and puts pressure on Laura, causing him to collapse psychologically. Because he is rich, he can open up his contacts and make things develop according to his own ideas. After the story, he did not escape the arrest of the police. Those who harm others will surely harm themselves.

Another character in the film is Laura, the hero’s lover. She met the family of the simple and kind boy while escaping from the scene of the car accident. They welcomed Laura warmly. Laura was condemned by her conscience, she was languished and wanted to do something for the boy’s family, but she was brutally killed because she hindered the male protagonist.

One line in the film is, “We just want a truth.” After the death of his child, the boy’s parents tried to find the murderer on the contrary, but the murderer was too powerful and the police did not pay much attention to it. Therefore, they use their own means to force the male protagonist to tell the truth. Maybe this is something that can be done for the dead.

We live in this world, maybe there are such a group of people, they have a gorgeous appearance, but in their hearts, he can’t hide his evil.

If there is kindness, there will be malice. We may not see the human heart hidden under the face, but we cannot escape our conscience after all.

In this filthy world, I am used to being noisy and trance, I am used to being blinded by the surface. But in this filthy world, goodwill and justice still exist. May you have a pair of eyes, you can see kindness, and you can see malice. If the world is disturbing, then we keep our innocence and don’t let the dirty things cloud our hearts.

The invisible, perhaps the guest, the visible, is our conscience.

Why recommend this movie?

1: The screenwriter’s brains are open and the logic is amazing

Many suspense films can be summed up with this sentence, and this one is no exception, “what you think you think is what you think”.

If you only discuss it from the plot, this movie is not complicated, and friends who like reading and suspense movies will vaguely guess the ending. However, the director’s brains have been opened up, deducing layer by layer, and inverting layer by layer. Every assumption is logically clear, and careful speculation is reasonable. It is not only inverted for the purpose of inversion, but the logic is careful and mixed A lot of powerful detailed deductions, every time the editor wants to tell you the truth, or the truth you think is unexpected, but it is reasonable.

2: the tight rhythm

There is no nonsense throughout the whole process, any screw has its own reason, even as accurate as a LOGO on a briefcase. The brain needs to work throughout the whole process, and there will be no general film rhythm dragging, ink burned film situation, from this point of view, this film is already worth recommending, after all, adults’ attention is only about 30 minutes, even after 30 minutes This thing is what you want to learn, and you can’t help but divert your attention, right, especially learning.

3: thinking about human nature

There are a lot of thoughts about human nature in this film, just to say a few points:

  1. Tell a lie, in order to get rid of this panic, you need to spread more panic.

In this film, truth and lies are constantly intertwined. In the end, we can’t prove who has the idea of ​​escape from the beginning, but the dead can no longer speak, and we may never get the truth.

  1. Justice and evil

Regarding the ending, many people say that justice defeated the evil in the end, and the wicked will finally succumb to the law. This is deeply doubtful. If you know the truth, you can let the wicked slay the law, why do you need a lawyer? (Why is BOSTON LAYWER so hot? They have the ability to reverse black and white?) Why is there an open ending in the end? Isn’t it that the film also questioned the real society to some extent, and the strong with powerful social resources are still likely to win? In many cases, the truth is not important. What matters is whether you have the ability to make the truth clear.

  1. It’s important to be alive

Everyone will tell the same thing from the side that is beneficial to them. If you die, unfortunately, many times you can only let the living people lie and cannot refute them; after all, the living people can easily mold themselves innocent. , Kindness. It makes people feel that everything about me is forced and helpless, and the dead can’t see it anyway. If you are not a great man, no one will rectify your name. At most, you can only get a sigh from an insider.

Of course, the film still has shortcomings:

1: The beginning of the movie still makes people guess the end.

2: Unsatisfactory subtleties. For example, how is the car glass that was broken at the beginning of the film mysteriously restored?

But in any case, this movie is already a very good suspense film, worthy of everyone’s appreciation.

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