Pixar’s new film “Luca” reveals trailer special


Recently, Pixar’s new original animated film “Luca” has exposed a new trailer special.

The film’s main creator sets the body to interpret the film, and also exposes many of the highlights of the film when it was filmed.

The little actor dubbed the male lead Luca and his friend Alberto.

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The film was previously confirmed to be imported into Mainland China, and the file is to be determined.

Pixar's new film "Luca" reveals trailer special

The North American region will launch Disney+ streaming at 3pm on June 18.

The film was created by the team and the story takes place on the Italian Riviera.

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It tells the story of a young boy Luca’s unforgettable journey of growth in the summer full of ice cream, pasta aroma, and motorcycle riding.

Pixar's new film "Luca" reveals trailer special

Luca went through these adventures with his new friend Alberto.

But all the fun is threatened by a hidden secret: he is a sea monster from the underwater world.

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