“Cinderella” :Camila Cabello debuts on the big screen


The live-action version of “Cinderella” created by Sony Pictures will be exposed as a preview. This is Camila Cabello’s big screen debut.

This version of “Cinderella” is directed by director Kay Cannon (“Blockers”, “Pitch Perfect”), with talk show host James Corden as the main producer and starring popular singer Camila Cabello.

"Cinderella" :Camila Cabello debuts on the big screen

One of the members of the “Five Beauties”, Cuban-American pop singer Camila Cabello hits the big screen for the first time, playing the new version of “Cinderella” who loves music and has dreams.

In addition to playing “Cinderella”, Camila Cabello will also fully participate in the music creation of “Cinderella”.

"Cinderella" :Camila Cabello debuts on the big screen

Prince Robert in “Cinderella” is played by actor Nicholas Galitzine; veteran “007” Pierce Brosnan plays the king; Idina Menzel plays the stepmother of “Cinderella”; and “fairy godparent” is played by actor Billy Porter.

In addition, “Cinderella” boldly incorporates music and comedy elements within the framework of the classic fairy tales, recreating traditional fairy tales with more diverse modern narrative methods.

“Cinderella” will be launched on Amazon streaming on September 3.

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