MCU has another Spider-Man debut! Little Black Spider is about to join! Or will be in the same frame as Peter Parker!


Since October, “Electronic Man joined “Spider-Man 3”, the news about “Spider-Man 3” has not been interrupted, and one is more and more explosive. Yesterday, there were explosive rumors of three generations of Spider-Man in the same frame. Wei fans are boiling. But today we will not talk about the Dutch brother’s “Spider-Man 3”. Let’s talk about another Spider-Man.

According to the news from MCU Cosmic editor-in-chief Jeremy Conrad, Sony and Marvel have found the actor of the live-action “Ultimate Spider-Man” Miles Morales, and he will also appear in the MCU in the future. The casting is currently unknown. Who the hell is, I don’t know if he will appear in Spider-Man 3.

In Marvel comics, Miles Morales is an African-Latino mixed-race teenager. Norman Osborne tried to use Peter Parker’s blood to get a way to recreate Spider-Man, and to transform a genetically enhanced spider. Miles was bitten by this spider, and he got the same as Peter Parker. Similar superpowers.

Miles, who wanted to have a normal life, was originally very dissatisfied with his superpowers. However, after witnessing Peter Parker fighting and dying against the Green Devils, he realized that he could have helped, so he was inspired by his friends. , Served as the second Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, named Ultimate Spider-Man.

Sony and Marvel seem to have planned his appearance long ago, and there are some details about the little black spider in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

When the little spider was tracking the buyer of the vulture weapon, a man named Aaron Davis appeared. Spider-Man also asked him for questioning. He said that his nephew was also in Queens, so he didn’t want it to be too dangerous. Weapons. Aaron’s nephew is the little black spider, and it is said that there is also a deleted scene in which Aaron calls Miles.

There are already animations about the little black spider, and Sony has also launched a game called “Marvels Spider Man: Miles Morales”, and it is time for the live-action version of the little black spider to appear.

Some friends may ask, what will Peter Parker do after the Black Spider comes on stage? Is it necessary to sacrifice forcibly? Domam thinks that MCU’s Peter Parker is still a high school student and is loved by fans. It is unlikely that he will be sacrificed in a short time. Those two people can only be in the same frame.

Peter Parker and Miles have appeared at the same time in the animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man”, the animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and the game “Marvels Spider Man: Miles Morales”, so in the MCU The possibility of the same frame is also great.

And this matter is also in the wish list of the Dutch brother. The Dutch brother was interviewed before and was asked “Does Peter Parker die before Miles becomes Spider-Man, and can the two of them create the same universe” When asking questions, he said that he did not want this to happen, “I really want to be in the same frame as Miles. I think that would be cool.”

In addition, if Miles did not turn ashes in the snapping event, by the time of “Spider-Man 3”, he should be about the same age as Peter Parker. Although it is not sure when he will join the MCU, but “Spider-Man 3” “3” is indeed a good opportunity.

Friends, when do you think Miles should join the MCU? Please leave a message in the comment area to discuss.

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