Chris Hemsworth confirmed to join the “Mad Max” prequel


Yesterday, news reports stated that Anya Taylor-Joy will star in the young version of Freosa in the prequel of “Mad Max”.

In addition, the report also broke the news that Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Maidin have also joined the “Mad Max” prequel movie and will play unknown roles.

The main plot of the film and the production schedule have not yet been announced.

Soon after the report came out, Hemsworth confirmed the news on his ins.

“I am very excited to be in this series of movies. As a child who grew up in Australia, this means the whole world to me.”

“Mad Max is a pinnacle work, and it is also an important reason why I started to enter the industry. In fact, I can not only be fortunate to accept the direction of the original film director George Miller, but also to participate in Freo It’s really exciting to come from Sa’s origin story.”

“His tribute to George, Mel (Gibson), Charlize (Theron), Tom (Hardy) and all the actors who helped build this epic world. I will do my best to continue the movie The’barbaric’ tradition.”

“Mad Max” prequel has not yet confirmed the release time.

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