Three Identical Strangers


In New York in the 1980s, three strangers who looked exactly the same but came from different classes met unexpectedly. After the three twin brothers recognized each other, they discovered that they had been raised by the same adoption center and lived within a radius of less than 100 kilometers, but they did not know each other for 19 years. For a time, the story of the triplets who had been separated for adoption and met again after many years caused a huge sensation.

However, as the documentary unfolded, it was discovered that the original arrangement of triplets was not accidental, but derived from a psychological research project “Identical Twin Separation Experiment.” The three brothers were placed in families of three social classes. Since childhood, strangers have taken photos of them in the name of return visits by adoption agencies and performed various strange tests.

In addition to the carefully planned acquired family environment, what is even more frightening is that the biological parents of the children participating in the experiment have more or less a history of mental illness, and many children have also experienced a certain degree of psychological problems… ..

The film reveals a dark academic conspiracy, explores the relationship between genes and nurturing, and the moral boundaries of scientific experiments. It deserves the attention and thinking of medical students.

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