Tears! Black Panther Bosman’s legacy will be released soon, committed to eliminating racial discrimination


On October 16, a netizen posted a set of single poster images of the posthumous work “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” by the black panther actor Chadwick Boseman on a social platform, which triggered heated discussions among netizens.

It is reported that the film is adapted from a stage play of the same name featuring the mother of blues musicians at the beginning of the 20th century, Mar Reney, and tells the story of her struggle and pursuit of musical dreams in the United States as an African-American musician. The specific plot is Conflicts and contradictions broke out between Marlene and agents of different races, band members and others when recording music.

This is a movie about racial contradictions, directed by a well-known director starring George Ulf, a well-known actor Viola Davis starring Marlene, and the Black Panther actor Chadwick Bosman, etc. Both the production team and the cast are very strong and impeccable.

What’s more, this movie is also the last film of the Black Panther Chadwick Bosman during his lifetime. Bosman was diagnosed with cancer at the age of his best 40, and on August 28, 2020 Passed away, filmed this movie about struggle and racial contradictions during the treatment of illness.

Bosman has devoted his entire life to eliminating racial discrimination. He wanted to be a director and had studied racial conflicts in depth. He had also filmed a number of movies about racial conflicts before. His role of Black Panther changed countless people’s attitudes. The black people’s views and outstanding performance are impressive.

Bossman’s 43-year-old life has not revealed any taint, coupled with his outstanding performance in the classic masterpieces “Black Panther” and “Captain America 3”, has gained a large number of fans love, and the news of his posthumous work has been exposed. , Has attracted countless attentions, and netizens have expressed their expectations and said they would definitely go to see it after the release.

As Bosman’s last film, it reflects the issue of racial discrimination that Bosman has devoted his life to eliminating. I believe Bosman’s performance will bring different surprises to the audience. I look forward to its release!

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