‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande‎’ Rotten Tomatoes is 95% fresh, IMDB 7.1


‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande‎’ is a rare high-scoring movie in the past two or three months. Its Rotten Tomatoes score is 95% and IMDB 7.1.


‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’ stars Emma Thompson, whose actual age is 63, older than the 55 in the film. The film’s theme is “a comedy about love, lust, and fulfillment”.


The film tells the story of Nancy, a conformist teacher who wants to have a great sex experience in her life and recruits Leo, a male prostitute in his early 20’s. They have a great conversation and have a great night.

During the conversation, the two also let go of many mental burdens, reconciled with their past selves, and life should be enjoyable.

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