“Borderlands” new dynamics exposed, Janina Gavankar revealed that the crew is very restoring the game


“Borderlands” is in post-production, and Janina Gavankar, the lead actor of the film, was interviewed a few days ago.

In the interview, Janina Gavankar stated that she is a heavy game enthusiast and has been playing games since 2007.

In addition, she also said that the crew of the film crew respected the game itself and basically restored the game.

"Borderlands" new dynamics exposed, Janina Gavankar revealed that the crew is very restoring the game

Janina Gavankar said: “The work of the entire team is based on the game, and even every color on the clothes must be consistent with the game. This is the power of love.”

It is not difficult to see from Janina Gavankar’s rhetoric that the “Borderlands” movie will be completely faithful to the game and take care of many details.

And this also makes people look forward to the completion of the film very much.

The storyline of the “Borderlands” game takes place on a planet called Pandora.

Although there is no legendary treasure house here, the minerals here have made large companies look forward to.

In the process of mining, the company discovered more secrets about the treasure.

However, they are not the only ones competing for these resources. There is also another group of people who intend to compete for these resources. These people are “treasure hunters.”

In terms of actors, Cate Blanchett, Charles Babalola, Ben Davis, Bobby Lee, Gina Gershon, Cheyenne Jackson, Steven Boyer and Haley Bennett, Jack Black, boxers Florian Munteanu and Jamie Lee Curtis have joined the crew.

It can be said that for a game-adapted movie, this kind of starring lineup can already be described as “against the sky”.

According to the producer’s plan, “Borderlands” will land in theaters in 2022.

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