5 highlights of “Emily in Paris Season 3”

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Foreshadowing the third season of “Emily in Paris Season 2”:

1.Will the love between Mindy and her boyfriend in the orchestra bear fruit?

Mindy is the first friend Emily met in Paris. She worked as a nanny in the first season, and Mindy started her resident singing life in the second season.

Mindy successfully found a partner in the orchestra and fell in love with the guitarist of the orchestra.

However, he always thought that Mindy was like him and fell into the streets of Paris, France. He did not expect that Mindy’s true identity was a famous rich girl.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

This made him quite unacceptable. Not only did he feel deceived, but he also felt that the identities of the two were very different.

And Mindy even felt that she was breaking down to sing on the street to talk about life, and she was spread thousands of miles away. I don’t know what the family would think of her.

Although they successfully completed the performance in the last episode, can Mindy and her boyfriend be able to go on when they meet reality?

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2.How will the love between Sylvie and the young male photographer develop?

Sylvie is really a magnificent and charming female executive. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like her.

And her love affairs in the first season were old men, including an extramarital affair with Antoine.

And Sylvie and her husband are supporting partners in the career of comrades-in-arms.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

In the second season, Sylvie started dating with the photographer Eric of Chopin’s party. To be honest, the two of them are very good friends. It is very enjoyable and hot to see their emotional lines.

At the dinner, Sylvie was asked by the waiter what your son wanted to eat. She stood up and kissed Eric and said, “My son wants to eat me.”

The whole plot is so funny, and the two have a relationship between the ages of 2, and 30. Will it come to fruition?

But I can feel that Sylvie likes Eric very much.

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3.The friendship between Emily and Camille is broken. Will they break a second time?

Camille is Emily’s second friend in Paris, and she is also Gabriel’s girlfriend. The two have been in love for 5 years until they met Emily.

Camille was super beautiful in the first season, and the dressing style is also very flattering.

She was a little fat in the second season, and her outfits were simple and not very eye-catching.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

Camille discovered in the second season that Emily had an affair with Gabriel, and she felt betrayed.

Although Emily and Camille seem to have restored their friendship, it should be her strategy.

To keep the enemy at the closest distance, Camille also walked back to Gabriel step by step to save the other’s heart.

In the last episode, Camille and Gabriel decided to live together and smiled triumphantly. However, it seems that Emily is not too happy, feeling that the two will officially tear their faces in the third season.

To be honest, I really like the friendship they had when they first met in the first season, but it can only be said that if you connect with men, everything can’t go back….

4.Emily is between Alfie and Gabriel, where does her feelings go in the end?

Emily has fewer men to deal with in the second season, unlike her in the first season who can see anyone in bed.

In the second season, Emily’s relationship line is quite conservative. In addition to constantly entangled in the relationship between Camille and Gabriel, she also met Alfie in French class.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

They didn’t like each other at first, but because of their school companionship, the two got closer and closer, and in episode 7 Emily also had sex with Alfie.

In fact, I really like them. Alfie is serious about relationships and hopes that he and Emily will develop seriously.

Instead, Emily was uncertain, and finally ran back to the apartment to confess to Gabriel.

Unexpectedly, when she finally learned that Gabriel and Camille were living together, Emily was frustrated.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

But I have to say that people like Emily are really annoying in reality, and they constantly intervene in the relationship between Camille and Gabriel. This is equivalent to playing with Alfie’s relationship.

Emily’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t know what she wants, she doesn’t dare to fight for it, and Mindy constantly guides her.

She didn’t know how good she had hurt someone invisibly. In reality, Emily is a “scheming girl” and a “fake close friend”

5.How should Emily choose her career, go back to Chicago for promotion, or stay in Paris to start her life?

Emily not only has a mess in her love life, but also faces major choices in her career and life.

In the 10th episode, she faces a battle between Sylvie and Madeline, the two major female bosses of the US and French branches.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

In the end, Sylvie decided to leave the control of the American company. She left her position in the French branch Saviva and opened a new company.

And former colleagues are also willing to follow Sylvie to the new company, and some customers follow directly.

Sylvie made a tempting suggestion to ask Emily to continue working with her. She appreciates Emily’s ability to work, which makes Emily a dilemma.

5 highlights of "Emily in Paris Season 3"

Because Madeline, Emily’s US director, told her that after getting things done here, she was promoted when she returned to Chicago.

Emily is struggling, and she has to take care of her feelings and career at the same time.

After all, will Emily choose to return to Chicago, USA or formally settle in Paris to start a new life?

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