“Sing 2”: Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

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The original cast of “The Voice of Joy” is back! “Sing 2” has added several new members in addition to a more dazzling stage and more golden song copyrights.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

Of course, the plot of “Sing 2” is a bit tricky or even a bit buggy, but that doesn’t stop me from liking it.

Especially the several female characters in it, they all have good highlights.

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  • Do you think you’re good enough?
  • Of course, but…
  • Then you must fight for what you believe in. Guts, stamina,faith.

Nana, a retired star who seems to be aloof, is actually a grandma who is willing to support talented and tenacious juniors.

For Moon, she is not only a theater investor, but also a mentor.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

In the face of Moon’s self-defeating after being denied, Nana enlightened him at the first time, don’t care what this person who doesn’t understand you said, but care about what you think.

It’s also a lot like what Will Smith said to his son in “he Pursuit of Happiness” “Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something, not even me.”

If you don’t want to be looked down upon by others, you have to work hard to prove yourself. You have a dream, you got to protect it.


See, I have this rule about not letting guys like you tell me what I’m worth.

Ash, explosive and creative rock girl.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

In the last movie, she decisively got rid of the cheating scumbag who despised her creative talent. In this movie, she happily fired the boss who engaged in salary discrimination.

The principle of Cool girl is not to let people like you who don’t know how to respect my talent define me arbitrarily.


We’ve got nothing to lose.

Rosita, the lead singer of the group, is a full-time nanny pig mother with 25+1 children.

In the last movie, Rosita also took into account the family while participating in the performance. One person designed and produced an assembly line machine to take care of her husband and 25 children.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

It was not until a small accident happened that Daddy Pig found out why his wife was not at home. The scene where the father and son were left hanging outside the house was both funny and sad.

In this part, Daddy Pig finally knows how to support his wife’s career and undertakes 24-hour babysitting tasks.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to make your dreams come true, Rosita says.

Let’s go guys, we’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

In fact, there is no workplace where women must take care of family and career, but the family needs two people to share, so that women have equal opportunities to work hard for their careers and can shine on their own stage.

Rosita’s highlight moment was not only standing on the big stage as the lead singer, but also the moment she didn’t hesitate to dash to save Moon when he fell off the stage.

You must know that a few seconds ago Rosita was still trembling to overcome her “fear of heights”, she is really the best lead singer with business skills and reliable friendship!


Want to meet up after the show, maybe?

Meena shy elephant girl also has spring.

If most of the difficulties of others come from the outside, Meena’s transformation is more from the competition with herself.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

The last time she successfully overcame her stage fright and sang in front of the audience, this time she finally mustered up the courage to issue a date invitation to the boy who was excited.

Meena was so excited by the praise of the “goddess” that she was so shy that she covered her face with her ears and ran away, but she slammed into the door and spilled the whole ice cream! How can it be so cute!

Miss Crawly

Rise and shine, sweetheart!

Miss Crawly, the right-hand man, is also the laughing point of the whole film.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

As the second head of the team, Miss Crawly is responsible for efficiently advancing the rehearsal progress, and her daring personality will also roar the wolf sister who “brings money into the group”.

I don’t care who your father is, I will urge you to hurry up and change your clothes when you are late, and I will tell you to cheer up and shine on stage when you are sad.


Just forgot what Klaus told you and go with the flow.

Nooshy A free spirit who doesn’t teach dancing is not a good hip-hop performer.

Not only did the amazing Nooshy dance in the square teach Jonny the steps for two days, but he cleverly tapped an impromptu drum beat when he was knocked down by Klaus, encouraging him to stand up and fight back.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

Jonny’s performance in this section is super burning, the kind of burning that goosebumps all stand up!

Good teachers always spark enthusiasm in students who really want to learn, not I’m always right and you have to obey my arrogance.

go with the flow means to follow the flow and go with the flow.

Nooshy told Jonny to stop thinking about the beat and just move his body naturally to the rhythm of the music.


It could’ve been me.

Porsha thought she was a spoiled lady wolf, but she didn’t expect that she was a wolf girl who looked like Erha.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

At the beginning, Langmei was like all the leading actors who “bring money into the group”, but she was used to listening to other people’s praise for her general acting skills, and could not bear the slightest denial.

It wasn’t until the drama reversal that I fell in love with this wolf girl who was a bit like Erha. She was so sassy and beautiful when she played almost her true character in the performance.

Maybe the more the little girl who grows up, the more she needs to be treated equally by Miss Crawly. It’s better not to be killed by capital early.


They want to put it on at their theater.

Suki As long as you guys are good enough, it doesn’t matter if I slap in the face, a conscience drama detective.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

From her professional point of view and business needs, Suki was not optimistic about Moon’s team at first. She didn’t think they were good enough and asserted that they would never be able to perform at the Grand Theater.

"Sing 2": Inventory of the women in the film who have bright spots

It wasn’t until she was infected by the drive of these lunatics that she not only saved Moon’s life, but also introduced them to a higher level of theater.

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