Ten classic characters that are hard to surpass in film history

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Movies are in our ordinary lives, that bunch of chasing lights.

Because of the movie, we are crying and laughing in another world that we can’t reach in this life. Because of the movie, we know the countless past events and understand how some people live in a tough way.

And those classic characters who are eternally shining in the floating of light and shadow, they accompany us to have a hearty dream.

They will never grow old and will always be fixed on the screen.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” Captain Jack

The role of Captain Jack, played by John Nedpp, made him popular all over the world.

This role brought 4 billion US dollars in revenue to the Pirates of the Caribbean series and also earned Depp the first Oscar nomination of his career.

Captain Jack, with smoky makeup and pigtails, likes to sway, a bit neurotic, complex and passionate, both righteous and evil, he has a sense of the vicissitudes of life that is chapped by the salty sea breeze. A man with a story.

Some people say that the Pirates of the Caribbean films pay tribute to three things in a playful way: the Baroque era, the Rococo era, and the rise of civilians on the eve of the United States of America’s fall.

The soul can fly forever, as long as you move forward bravely.

Captain Jack said that the fountain of youth is a test.

I would rather not know when my end of life is, and let myself live in an endless unknown mystery.

Perhaps everyone has a dream of pirates, with their own stars and the sea. We all desire freedom, but we are trapped by reality.

Because the horizon is always there. You want to get there, but you can never get there.

That’s it, it’s too far to give up.

Freedom and loneliness enjoy loneliness, pay tribute to our captain Jack.

“Iron Man Series” Iron Man

People who love the Marvel universe can’t help but love Iron Man.

Before becoming the hero Iron Man, Tony was different from ordinary people. He could make circuit boards at the age of 4, build engines at the age of 6, and became an outstanding graduate of MIT at the age of 17.

At the age of 21, he took over the Stark Empire, able to craft steel armor by hand, and design artificial intelligence.

On the one hand, he is a prodigal rich son, a sleeping female reporter, late for no reason, capricious, and high-profile. On the other hand, he is extremely lack of love.

In “Iron Man 1”, when Tony played dice with Inson in the cave, Inson once said: You are a person who has everything but nothing.

He has a heart that is kind and warm like gold, but his hands are cold and helpless.

This makes this superhero a little bit more sad.

However, whenever there is an invasion, Iron Man must be the first to rush out.

He was the person who provided huge financial support and top-notch technological support for all the superheroes before the Panthers played, but he jokingly said that he was just paying to make everyone look cooler.

He will not hesitate to take up the nuclear bomb and fly into space; he will sacrifice himself in order to protect the people around him, he will make a battle suit for the little spider and protect him carefully.

He is not perfect, even arrogant, but the most shining thing about him is that he can admit his mistakes, but he never admits defeat.

Iron Man said, you can destroy my house and my equipment, but you can’t destroy the fact that I am Iron Man.

There is a juvenile innocence in Robert Downey Jr., which makes you can’t help thinking of him as a child who hasn’t grown up in his heart. His own temperament fits very well with Iron Man. They achieve each other and grow together.

“Harry Potter Series” Harry Potter

Harry Potter is synonymous with bravery in every teenager’s heart.

JK Rowling created a magical world with owls delivering letters and teenagers flying around on broomsticks.

There is the Mirror of Eris that allows us to see our inner desires, there is a meditation basin to preserve precious memories, and the invincible old magic wand, the cute little fairy Dobby.

In that Hogwarts school, the kind Harry Potter had his good friends, Hermione and Ron.

This world is too wonderful, even if there is evil in this world, it is still so beautiful.

It is very different from this ordinary world in real life, where life is full of all kinds of adventures and adventures, and he has accompanied the youth of a generation.

Harry Potter, who had a gray childhood, had no father and no mother since he was a child. He was pointed out and risked his life every year to fight monsters and watch the death of people around him.

Only when he saw his parents with the resurrection stone, did he dare to show worry and fear, and dare to ask whether death hurts.

Later we all grew up and understood that even if there is no magic, it does not prevent us from becoming better people.

The Harry Potter who has been with us for ten years has also become a classic.

“The Godfather” Corleone

“The Godfather” is a great movie, and many movies have paid tribute to it, such as Jiang Wen’s “Gone With The Bullets” and Quentin’s “Pulp Fiction”, which is known as the man’s bible.

This film mainly tells the story of Godfather Corleone who was seriously injured because he was unwilling to step into the drug business, and his son Mike gradually took over the family affairs.

The film uses a gentle rhythm, whispering to a family walking in the dark, bloody streets without passion, extremely elegant.

The godfather played by Marlon Brando is not angry and arrogant and restrained. He is always expressionless, but he dare not go beyond. He holds such great power and wealth, but he quietly strokes a small Cat, the rose on his chest is delicate and lonely.

Great people are not born great, but show greatness in the process of growth.

As the most famous gangster film, the influence of “The Godfather” has continued.

The film has been upgraded from a gangster story to an epic about the pursuit of power and the use of power, officially opening a new Hollywood era of Oscars, and expanding the types of gang crime movies, which has a far-reaching impact on many classic gangster movies in the future.

Forrest Gump

At the 95 Oscars ceremony, God generously awarded the best director, best picture, best actor, best adapted screenplay, best editing, and best visual effects to the same movie at the same time. It is “Forrest Gump”.

A-Gump, a small town boy with congenital mental retardation, has an IQ of only 75.

In order to avoid others, he ran into the football field of a school and ran into the university.

A-Gump has been creating miracles. He is simple, persistent, and has a shining heart of innocence. When he was looking at the stars in the Vietnam War rain, when he was running in the desert to watch the sunset, everyone cried with him.

The most impressive moment is that when her mother was seriously ill, she comforted A-Gump and said, “Death is only a part of life, it is my destiny. I don’t know what my destiny is, but I am destined to be your mother. I tried my best to do it well.”

A-Gump asked, “Then what is my destiny?” “You have to figure it out by yourself.”

In fact, we are all ordinary individuals, we are not talented, but few people like Forrest, do their best and never give up easily.

“Batman: The Dark Knight” Joker

Many people voted for the first place in the movie history’s best screen villain for the clown played by Heath Ledger.

Unfortunately, Heath Ledger left the world before the release of “Batman: The Dark Knight”. He was found dead in an apartment in New York at the age of 28.

As the worst villain in history, the clown had a gray childhood.

His father is a drunkard and perverted, and he abused his mother and him while drunk all day. It is this kind of family that created the dark and ugly character of the clown.

He advocates absolute chaos, absolute disorder, and absolute nothingness. To him, this world is nothing but a toy, a card that a child keeps in attracting the envy of his friends, and a guitar that a teenager learns to please his sweetheart.

He has no logical evil and makes people hate, but his peerless loneliness is also heartbreaking.

Heath Ledger dedicated his unparalleled acting skills. In the camera, he raised his right hand holding a dagger to adjust his hair to the left, and at the same time stretched out his tongue to lick his lips, and then he straightened his right hair and took the clown. The madness of the deduction is three-pointers.

In order to play this role well, Heath Ledger had been isolated from the world in a room for six weeks, and he gradually had a chilling feeling. He was running around like a madman, trying to find a clown-looking posture.

We all remember the clown saying to Iron Man, to them, you and me are both freaks, they just need you now.

Once they don’t want it, they will sweep you away like a leper. Their virtues, creeds…what a lame joke.

Ang Lee once commented on Heath Ledger. Even if he was only a supporting role, he would steal the entire movie and the entire performance.

Unfortunately, many people really fell in love with him after his death.

“Léon” Leon

Leon is the most special killer I have ever seen.

He is not scary, but distressing.

I can deeply feel the melting of the ice in his stiff body when Matilda pulls his finger to say goodnight before going to bed.

He likes green potted plants, is used to wearing sunglasses and windbreakers, usually likes to drink milk, and likes a peaceful life.

He is gentle, lonely, vigilant, simple, careful, and solitary.

He was like a rootless orchid until he met Matilda.

They are the same lonely people, like two wandering birds.

After meeting Matilda, Leon began to enjoy the feeling of being dependent, trusted and loved. They played water battles together and played games and studied together. He began to want to settle down and end his long wandering and want to live a good life.

This twelve-year-old girl freed him from the past, let him know how to love and be loved, and made him no longer a potted plant without roots, and let him choose to use life to protect.

He taught her to shoot, pick up the toy puppet, and the stern assassin laughed heartily during the daily relaxation moments.

However, the fairy tale always ends. In order to help the girl get revenge, Leon gave his life.

Like movie lines, Matilda asked Leon, is life always so painful? It was only like that when I was young.

Leon said, always.

I would rather die, but also hope that you, like the sunrise, let go of hatred, and live with love.

“Titanic” Jack

“Titanic” this luxurious ship not only amazed the audience, making Rose Jack famous for the classic CP in film history, but also set off a huge wave in the market, creating a new record.

I have to say that Xiaoli left the beauty of the prosperous age in the Titanic.

The Jack he plays is free, unrestrained, talented, brave to say love, and willing to dedicate his life for his lover.

Even though he is a poor boy, he is never afraid. He despises the hypocrisy of the superior, neither humble nor overbearing, passionate, and surging.

It was he who taught Rose to spit and abandon the red tape. It was he who took Rose to the dance party in the lower class and gave her real happiness.

Who says that love must be secular and material, love in the Titanic is the most praiseworthy.

What was Jack’s last conversation with Rose, remember? Jack wants Rose to promise him that he must live a long life, get married, have many children, and die in bed instead of here.

At the end of the film, Rose dreamed of Jack waiting for her in the clock tower, greeted everyone’s blessed eyes, warm applause, and kisses.

Rose has never forgotten the person who changed her life, even if Jack did not survive, but he lived in Rose’s heart for a lifetime, and affected Rose for a lifetime.

“Farewell My Concubine” Cheng Dieyi

In 1993, “Farewell My Concubine” was released and received overwhelming acclaim. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and won the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival. It is an unprecedented glory for Chinese filmmakers.

As one of the pinnacles of Chinese movies, Cheng Dieyi in “Farewell My Concubine” is everyone’s classic.

Leslie Cheung worked hard to practice opera for the role of Cheng Dieyi.

Finally, Cheng Dieyi played Yu Ji and Leslie Cheung played Cheng Dieyi.

Cheng Dieyi lived clearly and plainly, without madness, he would not survive.

In the waves of the times, it has become a doomed tragedy.

When he was young, he was taken to the theater by the prostitute mother and cut off his six fingers. When he grew up, he became a horn and became famous. All he thought of was his brother.

Because of the appearance of Juxian, everything has changed. He always thought that he was the whole of Xiaolou, but in front of Juxian, he was no longer as important as before.

He stubbornly said that a good lifetime, one year, one day, and one hour is not a lifetime.

Cheng Dieyi is a drama lunatic, unable to distinguish drama from reality. He always puts himself on the stage and can’t make a drama. He always feels that he is that Yuji, that famous role, and his pride will never fade.

But others can’t understand him, nor can he understand them, so loneliness also arises.

The others are all spectators, and he is the only one in the play.

The small building still looks like it used to be, and there is no Cheng Dieyi in the world.

“The Legend of the Swordsman” Dongfang Bubai

In Tsui Hark’s movie “The Legend of the Swordsman”, Lin Qingxia played Dongfang Bubai, an unsurpassed classic.

In 2010, Brigitte Lin’s performance in “The Legend of the Swordsman” was named one of the ten great performances in the world’s film history since 1923 by Time Magazine.

When Dongfang Bubai played by Brigitte Lin appeared in a red robe in the movie, the look at the top of the bamboo forest has already amazed the world.

I come out in large numbers in the world, and as soon as I enter the rivers and lakes, time reminds me.

Huang Tu Baye talked and laughed, and his life was drunk.

Straddling a sword and wielding a ghost rain, bones and birds start to fly.

The world is like a wave of people like water, only a few people return to the rivers and lakes!

Brigitte Lin’s beauty is thrilling, her eyes are not pure love, but endless stories.

There is both feminine charm and masculine heroism. She drinks heroically and has an arrogant smile on her eyebrows.

With a snow-skinned appearance and a little hardness, Brigitte Lin played the role of both rigidity and softness.

As someone said, the Oriental undefeated we see on the screen, with sharp eyebrows, temples like a knife, with a variety of styles in red dress, cold and domineering in men’s makeup, unrestrained and unrestrained in swigs, dignified and calm when looking forward.

She sits on the ground, but calmly killing the enemy with her fingers.

She fell off the cliff and smiled like a fairy with a sweet smile.

How can you not love such a role?

Those excellent filmmakers left their most beautiful moments on the big screen, and also in the youth of every audience. Thank you that there are movies in this world that accompany us through the long night.

May you find a poetic life in the world of movies.

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