Why can’t Marvel create a villain like the clown? There are three reasons, which one do you recognize

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The blaze of the “Batman” series in the DC movie universe not only made the role of Batman deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, even the villain of the Joker was also liked by many people. The appearance of the role of the Joker has inspired actors Heath Ledger and Jacques Phoenix.

Marvel movies have created so many distinctive superheroes, why can’t they create villains who can compete with the clown like the DC Universe?

Some friends may have said that Thanos, the super villain, can’t benchmark against the clown? He is the big villain behind the ten-year wireless legendary stage of Marvel. Thanos’ search for the infinite rough stone can be said to be a rare high-IQ villain in Marvel movies.

But let’s compare Thanos and Joker again. We have to admit that compared with Joker’s scheming, even Thanos holding infinite gloves is eclipsed. Perhaps Zemo, who triggered the Avengers’ civil war, could still have his scheming. Comparing with the clown for a few rounds.

Why can’t Marvel create a villain like a clown? The answer has to return to the corporate culture of DC Pictures.

Nicholson, the founder of DC, has always been based on the American spirit when he created comics, so the content of the early comics was relatively rigid. Since the role of Superman came out, the standard of “no killing” has been defined as the behavior standard of superheroes, and this has given DC comics creators unlimited imagination.

What about Marvel? In the early days of Marvel, comics were created to cater to the audience. Most of the popular comics were vulgar comics. Only after seeing the superhero themes became popular, did they begin to outsource the creation of the comics of the superhero series. Stan Lee also So get the opportunity to have funds to support creation.

The different cultural backgrounds have led to the different creative styles of the two companies. This is also the reason for the different ideas in character creation.

The second reason is that the birth of the Joker is actually to create the fate of Batman and the Joker.

As DC created the Gotham system, facing the light of Batman, the darkness of the Joker is indispensable. The same is not compromised. The delicate balance of light and darkness between Joker and Batman is something that superheroes under the Marvel system cannot achieve.

Because when we talk about Batman, we think of Gotham, and when we talk about Gotham, we cannot do without the Joker. Just ask this close connection between superheroes and villains, does Marvel appear now? not at all.

In addition to these reasons, there is another reason for the different shaping of the surrounding environment.

The people of Gotham City are living in dire straits. On the other hand, the scenes chosen by Marvel movies are all in big cities. Even the superheroes come from big cities. In New York alone, Iron Man, Spiders, and Beauty appeared. The team and even the headquarters of Fulian are established in New York.

And Gotham City, where the clown villain was born, is a sin city with a big gap between the rich and the poor and social turbulence. And how can Marvel create a villain like a clown in a metropolis like New York that can cause many people to follow.

The birth of the clown is inevitable by accident. Marvel does not need to create a benchmarking character. After all, it is impossible for DC to create a second clown.

Dear friends, do you think Arthur Fleck in “Joker” is a villain? Anyway, I think he has completely separated from the category of villains. He is a role between light and dark. Human nature is reflected more vividly. The complex material of human nature is one of the essence of Marvel’s difficulty in imitating DC.

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