Ana de Armas will star in “Ballerina”, the film will start shooting in the summer


The development of “Ballerina”, the spin-off of the “John Wick” series, has been fruitful. A few days ago, the film’s producer, Lionsgate Films, said it would start filming the film in the summer.

The female lead is Ana de Armas, who performed well in the latest 007 film “No Time to Die”.

According to current news, “Ballerina” will focus on a young female killer who vows to find her family’s killer and get revenge.

Ana de Armas will star in "Ballerina", the film will start shooting in the summer

The director of the film was previously identified as Len Wiseman, who filmed the famous “Underworld‎” and its sequel. In addition, there are films such as “APB‎” and “Lucifer” under its name.

Although his directing skills are average, his control over the action scenes is remarkable.

“John Wick” can be said to be a series of action films with little connotation, mainly selling unchecked bloody fights.

The role of the ballerina, from the third installment of the series, is a character with little to no show, but an impressive one for the audience.

After experiencing the baptism of Hollywood blockbusters such as “Blade Runner 2049”, “Knives Out”, “No Time to Die‎”, Ana de Armas will finally usher in her own heroine role.

The release date of “Ballerina” is currently undecided.

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