DC “Joker 2” is already in development


DC “Joker 2” is already in development! Director Todd Phillips signs a new agreement.

2019 is a very glorious year for Joker. This year, Joker finally won the spotlight of the movie for himself.

“Joker” starring Jacques Phoenix, received a lot of praise, and the box office exceeded 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Although “Joker” was originally intended to be an independent movie, but unexpectedly, “Joker 2” is really under development.

And the progress of this movie is faster than we thought.

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In an article on Hollywood by THR, it was mentioned that Todd Phillips, the screenwriter and director of “Joker”, has signed a new agreement in which he will write a sequel to “Joker”.

Considering the first film written and shot by Todd Phillips, let us believe in the success of the first film, and Warner Bros. and DC Films wanted to bring him back to the sequel of “Joker”.

After all, the first film was so good at the box office, it is very logical that “Joker” will be a sequel.

Also consider the honors that Jacques Phoenix has won for playing Arthur Fleck, including the Oscar for Best Actor.

So I believe that if he returns to “Joker 2”, there will definitely be many movie fans who want to see this movie.

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It is worth mentioning that although “Joker 2” is already in progress, it is still in the early stages, so we still don’t know whether Jacques Phoenix will return.

Perhaps, Warner Bros. will consider playing Joker with a new actor, who knows.

For Warner Bros., it is definitely a good thing to continue filming “Joker 2”.

Although fans of some movies think it is unnecessary, when they recall the first movie, most of them still think that although the first movie is wonderful, the time of the movie is limited, and in many cases there is no way to tell a story clearly.

If there is a sequel to the movie, it must be able to explain so much suspense left by the first movie, including whether what happened in the movie is really Arthur Fleck’s fantasy.

It is worth mentioning that since “Joker 2” is already in the planning process, this laid the foundation for the Batman story.

I don’t know if you remember that in the first movie, the young Bruce Wayne watched his parents die, which laid the groundwork for the grievances between him and Arthur.

Although I don’t know what the timeline of “Joker 2” looks like, considering the last scene of the first movie, there is reason to believe that in the sequel, Joker will meet Batman.

However, when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Arthur Fleck is probably an old Joker.

Of course, fans are looking forward to Joker to see Batman. After all, in DC’s comics, this pair of rivals has a crazy story.

Although, in the comics, Joker has a lot of origin material compared to Batman.

However, his most famous origin story is that after he fell into a bucket of chemicals, he became a white-skinned, green-haired Joker.

No matter what kind of story Joker will have in “Joker 2”. As long as he can see Batman and fight with him, this scene must be particularly interesting.

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