‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller Charged with Unlawful Detention of a Woman and Her Three Children

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In the past few months, The Flash character Ezra Miller was arrested several times for harassment and assault, and he lost the opportunity to participate in other DC projects as a result.

Today, according to media reports, Miller’s bad behavior has intensified, with sources saying he is illegally detaining a woman and her three children.


Miller had been detaining a 25-year-old woman and her three adolescent children on a Vermont farm, according to the report, and Miller met the woman in March while touring Hawaii.

Sources shared with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine that the father of three is upset about the living conditions of his children, and two others with knowledge of the incident shared their concerns, revealing that there are unattended guns scattered throughout Miller’s Vermont home.


The source even shared an example where a child as young as one year old took a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.

However, the mother claimed that all firearms were safely stored in the home, that the children did not have access, and that the weapons were left in the home only for self-defense reasons.


The source also claims that the farm has an unauthorized marijuana farm, which is apparently not good news. Despite the father’s fears for his children, the mother claims Miller helped her escape “violence and abuse.

She followed up by adding, “Miller helped me by providing a safe environment for my children.” In response, the father denied all allegations of abuse against him.


The father also shared with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine that he has been trying to remove his three children from Miller’s residence since April, even contacting the Vermont Department of Children and Families (DCF) and local police.

DCF subsequently said it had not found any problems with the children’s residence, but with Miller’s emotional instability and other negative press, the father felt it would be in the best interest of the mother and her children to reassess Miller’s status.


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