DC’s famous screenwriter Grant Morrison shared “The Flash” early script, Ezra Miller’s current status shocked him

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DC Comics’ acclaimed screenwriter Grant Morrison recently spoke in an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine about having worked with Ezra Miller on ‘The Flash’ script, and the storm Ezra Miller is now in.

“I know he’s had some problems and I haven’t interacted with him in a while, the last time I spoke was a long time ago. All I can say is that he’s not the same person I knew, and I heard about him on the news as much as anyone else.”


“Ezra has cut off contact with almost everyone during this time. He no longer looks like the person he was, who was not aggressive in any way. In my eyes Ezra is a super smart kid with a lot of talent. Let’s just say I didn’t see a different side of him before.”

Talking about the previous ‘The Flash’ script that the two worked on together, in his description, the original script was more like a solid The Flash story, rather than the multiverse script that breaks all kinds of conventions today.

At that time, Warner only gave the two men two weeks to work on the script, and time was short, so it can be said that the two men were really working like “The Flash”.

Although they eventually created a script they liked, it did not meet the requirements of Warner to introduce the multiverse and more characters, and was abandoned.


‘The Flash’ movie is expected to be released in Northern America on June 23, 2023. The movie will introduce the multiverse story, but according to previous reports, Ezra Miller may not be involved in the DC Universe project after this movie.

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