“The Flash”: How Ezra Miller ruined the superhero movie piece by piece

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DC independent film ‘The Flash’ has been shot, the release date is not yet clear, but our “The Flash” Ezra Miller seems to have become the only factor preventing the release of the film.


Ezra Miller’s successive scandals have put a big question mark on the release of ‘The Flash’ and cast a shadow over his own future.

Let’s sort out what “The Flash” has done in the past two years that is not normal human behavior.

1. In April 2020 the media broke the story of Miller choking and slamming a woman to the ground in a bar in Iceland, and then the scandal died down.


2. In late March 2022 Miller suddenly became agitated in a bar frequented by locals in Hawaii when he heard a 23-year-old woman singing Lady Gaga’s “shallow”.

He cursed loudly, then grabbed the microphone, and then lunged at a man playing darts.

After being arrested by police and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment, Miller paid $500 bail and was then released.

And according to the latter media exposure in the wake of this arrest Warner Bros. and DC executives held an emergency meeting. A source close to the situation revealed that the group decided to suspend all future projects involving Miller.


3. And just a day after his first arrest, Miller was the subject of another complaint by a local Hawaiian couple.

The couple filed for a restraining order against Miller, who they said had broken into their bedroom and threatened them after being released on bail, and stole some of the couple’s belongings, including passports and wallets.

However, on April 12, the couple dropped their application for a restraining order.


4. April 202219 Media reports that after being asked to leave a party, he threw a chair, injuring a 26-year-old woman in the forehead, and was then arrested by local police on a charge of second-degree assault.

Miller has now been released pending further investigation.

Just earlier this month, Ezra was accused of controlling Tokata, an underage girl, and according to TMZ, the girl’s parents are suing Ezra for providing her with alcohol and drugs, as well as controlling their daughter with violence, intimidation, and threats, so they are asking the court to intervene.

Although Tokata first came out to stand up for him, but Warner as well as DC executives this time seems to be completely intolerable.

According to the final exposure, Warner and DC executives have decided that Ezra Miller will not participate in any more DC projects, and the role in the independent film ‘The Flash’ is not yet clear how to deal with.

See here must be dumbfounded, this can still be a superhero? This is not the proper incarnation of evil? And this seems to be the same as another Warner ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ in which Miller plays Creedence Baylburn.

At this point I think Warner must want to tearfully praise the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ crew for the timely release of the film to avoid the Miller time bomb.

And ‘The Flash’ has already been shot, the pre-test screenings were very well received. If you really need to completely change the role must need to re-shoot, seems not very practical.


And DC has stalled Cyborg Ray Fisherer’s exit, Mera Amber Heard and The Flash Ezra Miller’s scandal, it can be said that the road to recovery will be a long way to go again.


I do not know if Warner and DC executives regret the original casting decision, I always thought that the theatrical version of The Flash Grant Gustin played really perfectly in line with the requirements of The Flash, and his fan base is solid, completely unable to understand why Ezra Miller was chosen.


As an independent film ‘The Flash’, this film is mainly about the DC big event Flashpoint thing.

As DC or Miller himself, if there is really Flashpoint time, will DC choose another actor from the beginning in another timeline, or in that timeline can our Miller become a superhero of both character and conduct?

What do you all think about The Flash’s Miller?


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