“Thor: Love and Thunder” world premiere critical acclaim: one of Marvel’s best movies


Recently, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ received a lot of critical acclaim after its premiere, and according to some critics, the movie not only surpassed ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, but may be one of Marvel’s best movies.

Audience member @bamfpire, who attended the world premiere, said ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was “absolutely amazing.” “This movie beat out the other Marvel movies.”

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff describes the film as “a wacky, high-energy comedy with an ace cast that crushes scene after scene.”


Another viewer, @RachelLeishman, said ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ “A perfect combination of direction and comedy that punched me in the gut. Emotionally satisfying and sobbing at the same time while watching this movie, which was flawless.”

The Wrap’s Drew Taylor said, “This is probably my favorite Marvel movie, and probably Marvel’s best movie. The perfect combination of extreme silliness, dreamy surrealism and real emotion, plus some of the most visually creative set pieces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”


‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is about Thor embarking on a journey he has never faced before – to find inner peace.

But his peaceful life is disrupted by a galactic assassin called “Gorr the God Butcher”, whose goal is to destroy all gods.

To counter this threat, Thor gets the help of Valkyria and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster. To Thor’s surprise, the ex-girlfriend is able to use his Mjolnir and becomes the powerful Mighty Thor.

Together they embark on a gripping cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of God of Carnage’s revenge and stop him before it’s too late.

The film will be released in Northern America on July 8.

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