The movie version of “The Flash” will be replaced, Warner finally made the right decision!

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In traditional superhero comics and movies, superheroes often have an unbeatable will and absolutely no harm to ordinary people set, some actors have gained great prestige and reputation for playing these superheroes, but their character and conduct in reality is difficult to match these achievements they have gained.


Before Homelander’s character was jailed for fighting, and then The Flash’s character Ezra Miller was detained for the second time, in the face of such a magical reality, Warner finally made a right decision, and it will completely end Zack Snyder’s DC movie era, so that Zack Snyder’s version of ” Justice League sequel” completely become a bubble.


According to the latest media news, the movie ‘The Flash’ that Warner plans to launch this year is facing great problems due to the allegations against The Flash character Ezra Miller after his second term in office.

First of all, the film took five or six years to officially start shooting, and during the production phase was affected by the epidemic. After it was finally shot and scheduled for release in 2022, it suffered the tragedy of the arrest of The Flash’s lead actor, arguably one of the most tortuous films of the 21st century.


The problem Warner faces is that if Ezra Miller is sentenced to prison for his actions, the status of ‘The Flash’ movie will be very awkward.

If not publicized, the $200 million investment will be wasted, and if publicized, Warner’s face will be completely disgraced under the cynicism of various media.

They certainly had other options, such as turning ‘The Flash’ into a network blockbuster and putting it online on HBO MAX, but such actions would hardly recoup their $200 million investment and lose their biggest box office source, the Northern America box office market.

If Warner does, ‘The Flash’ movie will be the biggest failure for DC since ‘Justice League’.


Ezra Miller is a very personal choice, from the fact that he rejected the script of ‘The Flash’ and wanted to work with the writers to write a more “dark and real” version of The Flash, he really liked the character of The Flash, and even said that The Flash pushed his career as an actor to the top.

Unfortunately, Ezra Miller suffers from similar problems as Ben Affleck, who suffered a mid-life crisis while playing Batman, and indulged in alcohol numerous times under the double whammy of relationships and reality.

The good thing is that after he chose to give up the role of Batman, he managed to come out of his low point, and he will be in ‘The Flash’, once again a member of Batman in the DC Multiverse.

Warner was very kind to Ben Affleck because he was really talented, but not Ezra Miller, who didn’t have the kind of talent Ben Affleck had, but was in a similar crisis.


From the details reported in the press, it is clear that Warner is very disappointed with Ezra Miller as an actor and has cut him out of the plans for the DC Multiverse.

But this isn’t the first time Warner has dropped a character, they have dropped Henry’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, who will return in the movie ‘The Flash’.

While establishing the DC Multiverse on HBO MAX was a smart decision, it doesn’t mean that all of Warner’s decisions were the right ones.

Personally, I think that Ezra Miller actually does not exactly fit some of the settings of “The Flash”, but is more in line with the “dark DC universe” envisioned by director Zack Snyder, so let this melancholy temperament of the actor to play The Flash. The actor with a melancholy temperament became the role of The Flash.

But this setting also triggered the dissatisfaction of some of The Flash fans, after all, in their minds, the play version of The Flash is the most suitable to play the ‘The Flash’ movie.

The “incompetent” The Flash out of the future of the DC multiverse is indeed a wise decision, when the influence of the old era fades, Warner will face a more difficult road.

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