How was Gandalf in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ resurrected?

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In “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers‎”, Gandalf did not fall to his death after fighting Balrog, but fought Balrog to his last breath.

With his victory, the Grey Wizard Gandalf disappeared from Middle-earth and returned as the more powerful White Wizard.

However, who actually brought Gandalf back to earth and why did they do it?

The work of J.R.R. Tolkien has a wealth of detailed legends that could provide an explanation.

In Middle-earth, there are gods, magic, different layers of existence, and all the modern fantasy worlds that Tolkien spawns.

How was Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Rings' resurrected?

Gandalf himself is not just a simple magic user, the wizards of Middle-earth are closer to the real-life depiction of angels who are sent to protect the world and achieve some goals.

Gandalf’s role is to protect Middle-earth from evil, and he does.

He stepped forward and fought the Balrog on his own, allowing the expedition to escape and continue their journey to destroy the Lord of the Rings.

His battle with the Balrog went from the pit to the abyss, and then to the highest mountain.

In the end, Balrog was killed by Gandalf at the top of the mountain, but Gandalf also lost his life because he couldn’t take the fight.

How was Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Rings' resurrected?

For most people in Middle-earth, death releases their souls to the next phase of their existence.

For example, the souls of those who break their oath are punished and sent to the foot of the White Mountain.

But Gandalf is special, he was pulled from time and space by the creator Eru, Eru is a bit like the setting of the Almighty God.

Thanks to Gandalf’s heroic sacrifice and proven courage, Eru bestowed him with greater “wisdom and strength” and sent him back to Middle-earth.

Although the wizard himself could not understand it, life eventually returned to his body.

Still, he woke up wounded, lying on the mountain, as his description states: “I lay there looking up at the stars, each day as long as the life of the earth.”

Finally, Galadriel dispatched the eagle to find Gandalf.

Thus, Gandalf’s body was sent back to Lothlorien, where he was healed by the magic of the Elf in a white robe.

God Eru sent Gandalf back not to give Gandalf a simple reward, but to give the wizard a bigger plan, he returned as Gandalf the white robe and sent back to replace Saruman the white robe.

Saruman was once the leader of five wizards in Middle-earth, and his betrayal resulted in him being abandoned by the gods and replaced by Gandalf.

While the color of a wizard’s robes does not represent power, it represents their place in Middle-earth.

Gandalf was originally placed on Earth by Valar, a god after Eru.

Still, it was Eru who brought Gandalf back and set him back on the path to defeating Sauron, making Gandalf one of the few people who could not only come back from the dead, but interact with the Lord of all things.

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