“Fallen‎” Trilogy: American Movies That Either Save the President, or Are on the Road to Save the President

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If you don’t understand why he has been able to save the president, then go see his father. After all, a ruthless man who has been burying explosives at his door for decades, his son, will naturally not be too bad.

Today we are going to talk about this trilogy series of movies from the United States. Although it is also a typical American individual heroism, what the protagonist of the movie saves is not the earth and human beings, but their president.

Three American movies that are either saving the president or on the way to saving the president

Yes, in these three movies, the male protagonists are saving the president. How unlucky should this president be?

They have always been self-proclaimed saviors, but they are saving their own president over and over again, so we say that this is a series of movies that are quite insecure.

These three films are “Olympus Has Fallen‎”, “London Has Fallen‎” and “Angel Has Fallen”.

Actually shows what it is going to tell from the title of the movie. The White House has fallen, so what else can you save if you don’t save the president?


And the second movie, although the name is “London Has Fallen‎”, is only because the President of the United States went to London for a meeting.

In short, the unfortunate is still the president of the United States, and the president of the United States is saved, but in a different place.


In “London Has Fallen‎”, the president was beaten a few times, and even nearly got beheaded. It’s the kind of global live broadcast.

So in the third “Angel Has Fallen”, the president probably felt that the profession of president was too dangerous, so he resigned and didn’t know what to do.

So, the Speaker of the House (Senate?) in the first two films went up to become the President, and then continued to be unlucky.


Yes, in the third installment, “Angel Has Fallen,” the president is played by Morgan Freeman.

I have to say that this old American actor is really good, and the president he plays also feels very good.

After the release of “Angel Has Fallen”, some netizens also asked: “The president of the first two films has quit?” The serious netizens naturally explained it with the US presidential election, but some netizens replied: “Every day falls, Who can stand it?”.


Yes, being arrested every day, who can stand it?

Although this is just a joke, the president is really the most unlucky person in this series.

So, let’s take a look at the general plots of these three movies, although many netizens may have seen the clips in this movie on Douyin, such as the name of the first plane carrying Gatling in the direct air raid on the White House. scene.

But no matter what, it’s coming, let’s take a look at it.


As a typical personal heroism film, there are not many outstanding characters in these three films. The main thing is our Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who is “saving the president or saving the president.”

In “Olympus Has Fallen‎”, Banning is the president’s bodyguard, the kind of close-up who can accompany the president to practice boxing, and then dare to greet the president’s face with big fists.


As for why the president is so happy being beaten by his own bodyguards, this topic is out of our scope.

In short, Banning and the president have a good relationship. As a result, in a car accident on Christmas Eve, Banning could only rescue the president himself, and then watched the president’s wife die in the car.

Because of this incident, Banning was also transferred to a clerical position. Then next, in an important meeting, pre-prepared terrorists attacked the White House using Gatling guns from a Hercules-converted plane.


Then premeditated terrorists stormed the White House, held the president hostage, and used it to threaten the world in an attempt to control everything.

Banning proved his strength with his appetite. He naturally survived the first wave of attacks without any suspense, then entered the White House, fought with bad guys, and finally relied on personal strength to eliminate bad guys and save the president.


Banning’s life-saving grace made the pain of the president’s deceased wife disappear, so in the second “London Has Fallen”, Banning once again became the president’s personal bodyguard.

However, the president with a halo of unfortunate “disaster” went wherever he went. He obviously went to London to attend the funeral of the British Prime Minister, but he met a group of more professional terrorists.

Banning naturally showed great power. After the leaders of other countries were eliminated, he fled with the president and killed the Quartet.

And the president obediently hid behind Banning and handed over everything to him.

Although the president was captured by bad guys on the way, beaten a few times, and almost beheaded by the global live broadcast, Banning naturally would not let the man behind him down, so Banning saved the president again in the end, and told He: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take you home.”


So by the third installment, “Angel Has Fallen,” Banning has saved the addiction.

Even with the sequelae left by the concussion, he still hides it from everyone and is hesitant to take over the position of Secret Service Director in order to better save the president.

But it’s clear that the president can’t stand the days of this fall, so this time, the president has become the speaker of the first two departments, which is the Morgan Freeman we mentioned earlier.

However, although the president has changed, the unfortunate aura was obviously inherited by Morgan Freeman, and even spread to Banning.

So in “Angel Has Fallen”, Banning and the president are attacked, all the secret service personnel around him are sacrificed, the president is unconscious, and Banning is also framed as the mastermind behind the scenes.

Then Banning began the road of self-innocence, and of course, in the end, he was still going to save the president who had just woken up, complete his ultimate mission, and then take him home.


This is the general plot of the three films.

Although the plots of the three films do not have many highlights, and there are even many loopholes in the truth, it is still a series of films that can be watched.

Whether it’s the Gatling shooting carried by the Hercules transport plane in the movie, or the Vulcan cannon mounted on the roof of the White House by terrorists, or the drone swarm raid in the third film, the selling point of this series of movies is the action shots.

All kinds of wonderful battle scenes, the display of various weapons, and the brain-opening settings, for the audience, it should be called the whole process without urine.

Of course, according to the tradition of American movies, this kind of personal heroism movie will have a little emotional drama and humanism in the back, so in the third part, Banning’s father also appeared.

It can even be said that Banning’s father is a considerable bright spot in the third film.

In addition to being a teardrop in the emotional scene, the old man’s skills will never live up to the theme of this fallen movie.

After all, the father of a normal person, who would hide in the forest alone, and then bury circles of explosives outside his house?

So, if you haven’t seen these three films, you can definitely watch them. Especially the last one, Banning’s father, is really memorable.

The old man who was shaking while holding the water glass was still able to fight side by side with Banning. This contrast was also quite happy.

As an action series movie, aside from some of the plot loopholes, let’s talk about the regrets in the end. It is probably that men are fighting throughout the whole process, and some beautiful embellishments are missing.


The only thing that makes people remember is probably the first wife of the president, but unfortunately it was only a flash in the pan.

However, nowadays, when bad movies are rampant, there are such movies that you can look for and watch again, so you can’t ask too much, right?

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