‘The Lost Daughter’ Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

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“The Lost Daughter” is a surprising film, and every little detail of the film is connected before and after, and it deserves the best screenplay award.

I like the sympathy and mutual envy between the young heroine and the Italian woman who was a backpacker. She changed the heroine’s life in the future.

She didn’t want to be bound by her family and her two daughters anymore, so she left her husband and daughter without hesitation.

'The Lost Daughter' Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

This is a movie that deserves to be watched several times, and one is definitely not enough.

Based on Elena Ferrante’s novel, “The Lost Daughter” follows Leda, an English teacher specializing in academic translation, who travels alone on vacation to a seaside town.

There she meets the Nina family, and her curiosity drives her to spy on Nina and her young daughter Elena.

The meaningless life trivia between the young mother and daughter reminds Leda of her past story as a mother, and the interweaving of painful memories makes Leda involved in the storm of the Nina family.

'The Lost Daughter' Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

From the dual perspectives of the heroine observing the lives of others and recalling her own past experiences, the director slowly told the audience the story of a mother who abandoned her daughter.

From the mother’s point of view, the film emphasizes frustration, self-remorse and loss. Children lose their parents, and mothers fail their daughters.

Underneath this emotion, the essence is actually the same.

They all want to cry impulsively at a certain moment, feel uncontrollably sad at a certain moment, and always try to rely on something to susten their emotions.

Whether it’s a goddess who prays devoutly, or a doll who remembers the past.

In the final scene of the film, Leda is on the beach, bleeding from her stomach, still smiling and peeling oranges for her daughter.

'The Lost Daughter' Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

You will never forget her facial expression: despair to the limit of near death, the child is still the last struggle that the mother most wants to give in the world.

Too cruel, but is there anything more real than this?

Although the film is not a full-scale work, the combination of female authors, female directors, and female actors is so moving.

Whether it is the anxiety caused by the energy-intensive daughter in the youthful state, the re-examination and regret of oneself brought by meeting a mountaineer, the agitation of meeting an academic confidant, or the self-restraint, regret, pride, and self-examination in the middle-aged and elderly state, all make People are trapped in it.

Leda looked very emotionally tense, cautious and self-preserving.

Her taking of the doll was deeply vindictive, a timely revenge for her daughter who had been irritated by the complex memories she had evoked.

'The Lost Daughter' Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

It was heartbreaking, but at the same time comforting in thinking about my daughter.

The film focuses on exploring the complex inner and mother nature of women.

Sometimes, as a mother, I make some wrong decisions or decisions that I will regret in the future, and I may not be able to complete my self-redemption in a lifetime.

A young, anxious mother, imprisoned by her family and tormented by her own desires as an individual.

It’s not that a mother doesn’t love her children, she loves them very much. Out of her natural and heartfelt love, even if they are far away, they are connected to their children.

But she’s also herself, an individual who can’t stand being stuck with another individual all the time.

She has to breathe, she has her own things to put in, she has her own desires.

'The Lost Daughter' Review: A Pleasantly Surprised Female Movie

If she wants to have a little life of her own, she has to endure the tearing feeling brought about by the separation of mother and son.

All in all, it’s a good women’s movie with an impeccable soundtrack. Some clips are a bit messy, but overall it’s good.

After watching the efforts of motherhood characters on the screen, such films about parenting become more precious, especially when the protagonist of the film is not a competent mother in the traditional sense.

After watching the entire movie, I suddenly realized why “lost” is used as a modifier for my daughter in the title of the movie.

Because it was a thorn that had been stuck in Leda’s heart all the time. It was very small, and it seemed that it would go unnoticed easily, but it was always there.

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