“Equilibrium”: Anti-utopia themes are super exciting

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“Equilibrium”: anti-utopia theme and “Gun kata” super exciting.

I recommend an anti-utopia science fiction movie. Anti-utopia is the antonym of utopia. It literally means “not-good place” in Greek. It is a kind of unpopular and unpopular The imaginary community or society of fear is the opposite of the ideal society, an extreme form of society.

Movies of this kind of theme are generally depressed and the plot is abusive, but the one recommended today is different.

“Equilibrium” is a sci-fi movie directed by Kurt Weimo and starring Christian Bale, Tyya Diggs and Emre Watson. The film was released in the United States on October 18, 2002.

The poster of this movie is somewhat similar to the “The Matrix” series, and the content is also somewhat similar, but the two movies go in different directions. The development direction of Neal in “The Matrix” is biased towards superpowers, while the protagonist of “Equilibrium” takes an attack mode of ancient martial arts guns and kendo, as detailed below.


In the future world, mankind began to panic after the Third World War. In order to prevent a possible Fourth World War, high-level people used drugs to control the emotions of all mankind, and suppressed people’s normal emotions with inhibitors, thereby making the people insensitive to loss. Fighting will avoid all kinds of incidents.

Not everyone is willing to be subject to emotional control. The government has ordered the burning of various artworks, music, books, and other items that trigger human emotions, but some people still hide them secretly.

The protagonist John Preston (Christian Bale) is a senior member of the “Jehovah Priest” organized by the government to eliminate these “emotional people”.

As a fanatic of the organization, John took regular injections of inhibitors very seriously. After his wife was found to have “emotional sin”, he did not resist the organization, or even felt sad. His children also receive high-level brainwashing videos every day.

But after a daily task was completed, John suspected that his partner had a problem, his tone was more vivid, and he also detained the books that were collected. After John discovered the facts, he killed his partner without emotional fluctuations.

Although the partner died, the poems he read before his death kept echoing in John’s mind. After accidentally breaking the inhibitor, John’s suppressed emotions broke out. He began to refuse to accept the inhibitor and helped commit the “emotional crime.” People run away.

After many contacts with emotional people, John contacted the Resistance Army who was dissatisfied with the government and decided to kill the “priest” who made the rules with them.

John who returned to the organization found that he was actually a pawn thrown by the organization. They deliberately aroused their emotions to get themselves in touch with the Resistance. The intention was to use John to destroy the Resistance, but he did not expect that John was too strong. Finally, he killed all those who stood in the way and found that the “priest” who really made the rules was long dead. Now this organization is only relying on the remaining power of the “priest” to rule the people. John destroyed the organization’s electronic system, and the “emotional criminals” hidden among the people began to resist.

Movie Appreciation:

Anti-utopia movies have a certain depth of thinking. This movie tells about the organization suppressing the people’s emotions to reduce the people’s so-called desire for war. This kind of action with a good initial purpose has become a shackle on the people, and finally triggered The people’s riots, the act of quelling the war just triggered the war, how ironic.

If this movie is a bit heavy from the perspective of thinking, now I will talk about the other side of this movie for everyone.

This movie originally created a firearm fighting technique called “Gun kata”, which can handle any form of pistol, manual or automatic, 12-caliber automatic rifle, 40-watt synchronous plasma rifle, Uzi 9mm machine gun And AK47 and other small and medium-sized machine guns can be used flexibly, regardless of whether the enemy is out of range or close, it can make oneself invincible.

The martial arts movements derived from statistics of various battlefields can evade enemy bullets in most cases, and your own actions can also make your weapons have more output methods.

If it’s just mentioned above, it’s almost meaning. In order to increase the melee effect, the film also modified the ejectable serrations under the magazine of the pistol (or nails are more appropriate), turning the pistol into a window hammer, and melee attack. Both power and violent aesthetics have been greatly improved.

The most powerful is the scene where the pistol is ejected from the sleeve and the magazine is automatically refilled from the sleeve, which is professional at first glance. This is like a professional killer. As for whether it’s science or not, the audience doesn’t care, it’s over if it looks good.

After watching this movie, I feel that this kind of “gun martial arts” in it is very valuable, especially the hand gun Tai Chi that came with the big boss at the end, shooting while mitigating the opponent’s offensive, this skill is not yet in place. Seen in other movies.

If you also like the violent aesthetics that this movie brings, why not take a look at this “Equilibrium”.

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