“Belfast” Review: Kenneth Branagh’s thanks to his family

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“Belfast” can be said to be a blend of “Roma” and “Minari”. The film uses black and white images to show a 9-year-old boy’s childhood in his hometown of Belfast in his life-changing past.

I personally feel that some people who have left their hometowns, migrated or emigrated to live in other places will particularly sympathize with “Belfast”.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

Especially for people who have entered middle-aged or old age, their lives have stabilized, and it is easier to look back at the past time with family and neighbors.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

The director mentioned that he wanted to write this story because the epidemic caused everyone to be quarantined, and people didn’t know what the future would be like. This reminded him of the frightened days during the war in his childhood.

Buddy, the 9-year-old boy in “Belfast”, represents his innocent and innocent time.

When parents worry about the whole family, there is not so much pressure and worry in the eyes of the child.

And telling stories from a child’s perspective is always more touching because of innocence.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

“Belfast” doesn’t actually have too many conflicts, most of which are trivial things that Buddy experiences in daily life.

Even if he can feel the anxiety in the adult world, Buddy’s only worry is that if he leaves, he will not see the female classmate who has a crush.

The most impressive thing is that street conflict.

Buddy was brought into the riot by a neighbor girl, so he took a box of snacks from the shop where he was smashed.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

As a result, his mother was furious when she found out, and then took him back to the store to return the snacks, but almost suffered misfortune.

Buddy still held the box of washing powder tightly in his hands after a frightening day.

“Belfast” reached its climax here, and the film showed why his family finally chose to leave their hometown.

Buddy has become the current director and actor Kenneth Branagh, and he hopes to use this story to show everything that his parents and grandparents experienced back then.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

“Belfast” proves that for children, no matter how heavy the wind and rain are outside, as long as there are family members, they always feel enough love and safety.

The touching part is that in the end they have to part with their grandparents and go far away.

And enough life in the front has made the audience fall in love with the grandparents, and then the audience will feel the sadness of separation even more.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

But unlike “Roma” and “Minari”, “Belfast” has always maintained a relaxed and pleasant tone.

This may be related to the active personality of the director himself and his parents.

Even after the sad passages, there will be songs or dances full of optimism.

Buddy’s interactions with classmates and family are also full of humor, and even the teachers in the school are very interesting.

So overall, although you can appreciate the impact of everything the director experienced when he was a child, all this seems to just make the whole family more grouped together.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

Even if the war was raging, the protection of his family did not leave much trauma to his young mind.

Although Dornan’s singing clip is really impressive.

But I think the two old actors Judi Dench and Ciarán Hinds who played their grandparents and the child star Jude Hill are even more brilliant.

The final feeling of the story is more similar to that of “Minari”.

The family in the film is vividly portrayed, warm and touching, and Buddy’s interaction with grandparents is the most interesting.

"Belfast" Review: Kenneth Branagh's thanks to his family

Just because “Belfast” is a black-and-white film, and there are not too many touching stories, these trivial life may not be suitable for popular tastes.

But in the end “Belfast” is still expected to win in the awards season.

At least we all know that Kenneth Branagh has been an interesting kid since he was a child.

His desire to express is also inherited from his parents, and his sense of humor is a magic weapon for the whole family.

Rather than talking about the love letter from the director of “Belfast” to his hometown, I think it is his own unique way of expressing gratitude to his family.

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