“Heidi”: A super healing unpopular masterpiece

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“Heidi” was released in Germany on December 10, 2015. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Johanna Spiri.

Under the blue sky and above the green grass, the air is mixed with the fragrance of dandelions, and the breeze of the Alps makes people intoxicated.

“Heidi” was labeled as “cure” and “pure”, starting from the first shot.

Except for the pictures, this movie looks very “normal”.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

The plot of “Heidi” does not have much suspense, does not pretend to be sensational, and does not play tricks and special effects.

For today, “Heidi” can not be said to be the same as the cool blockbuster.

However, such a not-so-large film has a good reputation after it was released.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

“Heidi” has been praised by countless viewers as a healing work with perfect scores, and an “annual warmth work”.

Some netizens said, “Every action is poking tears, and I can’t help but make my eyes red.”

The film is adapted from the novel “Heidi” by the Swiss children’s literature writer Johanna Spili.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

“Heidi” is a classic that has been selling well for a century, and it has also been featured on the screen many times, and the story has been very popular.

Why can this Alpine girl Heidi infect readers and viewers again and again?

The story seems very ordinary-

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

Heidi, a little girl who lost her parents, was sent to her grandfather’s house in the Alps.

Grandpa lived alone for a long time, stubborn, introverted, and angular, but Heidi’s innocence and cuteness melted the stubborn old man.

The good times didn’t last long, and Heidi was fooled by his aunt to Frankfurt to be a playmate for the rich lady.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

City life is boring, she longs to return to the mountains, her spiritual home…

There is bitterness, joy, and movement. The whole movie has a lively rhythm and a warm plot.

It is ordinary, but it makes people feel unfinished, and hits people’s hearts directly.

In addition to the magnificence of the Alps, the sincere and touching affection between Heidi and Grandpa is the most moving.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

Grandpa staggered down the mountain and found Heidi’s lonely eyes and back when he had been sent away.

Heidi, who lives in the castle, yearns for sunshine and mountains.

Grandpa and Heidi’s reunion embrace…

Man is a social animal, no one does not need company, no one can be alone forever.

The same is true for Heidi and Grandpa, and it is true for Klara and other characters in the movie.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

This is where the tears of the audience are pricked.

Classics are classics because they can always touch people’s hearts-or the most universal and true feelings, or they have something that audiences cannot find.

Love and freedom are the instincts that human beings should always have.

In the film, Heidi’s recklessness and purity are like a beam of light in May, shining into the hearts of countless viewers.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

Faced with the dilemma, the little girl always has a heart of innocence.

A little sensitive and naughty, but she is pure in her heart.

She is like an eagle flying freely in the sky. She belongs to the mountains and grass, and belongs to herself.

In the story scene of the film, the Alps with enchanting blue sky and white clouds is like a visual feast carefully prepared by the production team for the audience.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

Let the viewers have a good feeling of forgetting their worries and returning to life.

One of the dialogues I like in the movie:

Heidi: “Everyone laughs at me because I want to write stories”

Klara’s grandma: “That’s because everyone knows too little, and you have seen the bigger world. If you think there are things in this world that will make you happy, just do it, no matter what others say.”

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

“Heidi” is a film that heals the soul. This is a fairy tale. It represents our yearning for beauty.

At the end of the movie, when Heidi sits on a meadow full of dandelions in the Alps, he really begins to write the story.

Her immature smiling face was shown on the big screen, and many viewers couldn’t help but tears into their eyes.

"Heidi": A super healing unpopular masterpiece

She is like a kind of true, good and beautiful power, calling people’s innocence and original intention.

And looking at yourself from others-when simple and beautiful has become the most expensive luxury, it is indeed unavoidable to cry.

Heidi’s smile in the movie is full of innocence, which is what we long for in our hearts when we grow up.

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