Mark live! Word-of-mouth blockbuster “Widows” hits rave reviews on October 16

Movie Review

“Widows” is a feature film directed by Steve McQueen, starring Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicci, Daniel Kalua, and Liam Neeson , Was released in the UK on November 9, 2018.

The film tells the story of four armed robbers who were killed in a failed robbery and their widows completed the robbery.


When Harry Rollins (played by Liam Neeson) and his companion were killed in a robbery, his wife Veronica (played by Viola Davis) had an emotional breakdown and at the same time suffered Threats from local violent Jamal Manning (Brian Terry Henry) and his brother Jatemme (Daniel Kalua). They want to know the whereabouts of the missing money, and they will never let things go as simple as that.

Veronica has an extremely advantageous thing, and that is Harry’s secret notes. In this notebook, Harry has a detailed record of each of his tasks, as well as plans for the next action. She could take this notebook and make a deal with the Manning brothers in exchange for her own safety. However, Veronica did not do this, but had other plans.

She went to see the other two widows of Harry’s companion, his mother Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and the abused Alice (Elizabeth Debicci), and proposed that they unite to execute Harry’s orders. A robbery plan. Eventually, single mother Belle (Cynthia Erivor) also joined in and became their driver.

The film ruthlessly exposes racial discrimination, political transactions, and police corruption in Chicago. Directed by Oscar gold director Steve McQueen, a black and white powerful actor, Liam Neeson and Viola Davis are on the same stage, and the heroine of “Tenet” Elizabeth Debicchi has become A touch of bright color in this gray and dark tones is eye-catching, which makes this movie full of sight.

The film opens with the scene of the police chasing the robber. Amidst the continuous gunfire, screams, and explosions, interspersed images reveal the daily relationship of the four couples. Four families with complicated backgrounds each had secrets that could not be said. Steve McQueen made a feature film meaningful in ten minutes. In the sin city of Chicago, blacks and whites are equally divided, and political conspiracies are enveloped in it. Everything is not that simple.

“Widows” reflects all aspects of American society with a robbery, which is thought-provoking. It is reported that the film will be officially screened on October 16th. After a long film “empty window period”, fans will finally win a word-of-mouth feature film worth looking forward to.

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