Big News! Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s new work “The Last Duel” is finished, so exciting!


In the past few days, there was a news that made movie fans extremely excited. That was the new movie “The Last Duel” starring two Hollywood superstars, 50-year-old Matt Damon and 48-year-old Ben Affleck. , It was announced that the movie was officially finished! You know, this is the movie where two good friends once again wrote the script and starred in “Good Will Hunting” in 1997. It’s just that this movie seems to have only been shot for more than a month, and the speed of completion also surprised AE.

You know, as early as August last year, Matt Damon was photographed by the paparazzi and took the script to find Ben Affleck’s street photos. At that time, AE felt that the two should be cooperating in a movie, but it was confirmed by an interview in November. But because of the busy schedule of Ben Affleck last year, “The Last Duel” did not officially start filming until February this year!

After only two weeks of filming in February, the movie was suspended due to the global epidemic. It was not until the end of September that the filming permit was obtained and the filming started. So up to now, “The Last Duel” may have been officially filmed for less than a month, and it was announced that it was completed, which also surprised AE! However, as the main plot of the movie is finished, the producer also revealed more plot of the movie~

According to media reports, “The Last Duel” is a novel based on real history, and Matt Damon has already won the filming rights to the movie in 2019. The film mainly tells a knight named Jean de Carlos, and a jazz named Jacques Le Gris, who was originally a very good friend. But after the knight returned from the battle, he was asked by his wife to accuse Sir Jacques Le Gris of bullying himself.

In that era, no one believed what a woman said. So the king ordered Jacques Le Gris and Jean de Carlos to have a life-and-death duel. The victors have the final say… But what surprised the fans is that although Matt Damon In the movie, he plays a jazz, but Ben Affleck is actually a king. And “The Last Duel” is scheduled to be released on October 15 next year. Let us wait patiently!

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