“Andhadhun”:the best Indian film with all the villains and the reverse

Movie Review

When it comes to Indian movies, many people think of singing and dancing. It is true that many Indian films sing and dance at every turn, and this movie is no exception. It may be related to the living environment. India is in a tropical area, sunny and enthusiastic, but in recent years, the singing and dancing of Indian films has been reduced a lot, perhaps to take care of the international market.

In addition, Indian movies are generally very long, ranging from two hours to three hours. I have seen a saying that the weather in India is said to be hot, and people like to go to the cinema to escape the heat. The longer the movie, the better. This movie is two hours and 17 minutes, which is relatively short in Indian films.

There is also the fact that Indian films generally reflect social reality, telling about family issues, gender issues, religious issues, and even toilet issues, which are far more powerful than ours. This movie also reflects a lot of social reality, from heroes and heroines to supporting actors and actresses, almost all villains, killing, deceiving, and doing all things for their own benefit.

The male protagonist is a pianist, who claims to be blind as an artist. The truth is likely to be defrauding the government’s low-rent housing. The male protagonist had a sense of justice at first. After discovering a crime, he took the initiative to report to the police station, but after seeing that the chief of the police was the murderer, he decisively chose to protect himself. It is understandable to survive. Then the male protagonist’s sense of justice gradually faded, sitting by and watching innocent people being killed, just wanting to escape the pit of right and wrong. It’s a pity that the bad guys focused on him, poisoned him and blinded him, becoming a real blind man.

The heroine is a very interesting role. In order to pursue her dream of being an actress, she married an older and outdated actor, and she stayed at home all day to cook. The hostess gradually became disappointed with her husband. She cheated on the police chief on the day of her wedding anniversary. After being discovered by her husband, she killed him by mistake. This scene happened to be met by the male protagonist and the neighbor. In order to prevent future troubles, the female protagonist pushed the neighbor downstairs and blinded the male protagonist. Later, the male and female protagonists were imprisoned. They were supposed to work together, but they still attacked each other for their lives.

Let’s talk about supporting roles. The police chief had an extramarital affair, and the incident revealed the murder, so he was naturally a villain. The black market doctor is also a big wicked person. He cuts out kidneys and sells money in the name of coaxing people to perform operations. He does not know how many people are killed. The mother and son selling lottery tickets are not good people either. They sell the male lead to the doctor for money. The son is kind enough to keep the male lead alive, but the mother wants to sell both kidneys of the male lead. When they learned that the male protagonist could defraud 10 million, the mother and son chose to cooperate with the male protagonist and threatened the chief of the police to send money to eliminate the disaster. As a result, the son died tragically at the gun of the chief, and the bag of money the mother got was nothing Paper, ended up in a loss of personal wealth.

Even the child in the movie is a villain. He usually trips the protagonist by pulling the rope downstairs, helping the protagonist to ask for a car and taking the opportunity to ask for a tip. Profit. After the child bumped into the male lead, not only did he fail to rescue him, but ran away without any neighborly friendship.

After briefly commenting on the characters, let’s talk about the weaving of the plot. It can be said that it is a reversal all the way to the end. At the beginning of the film, I thought the male protagonist was blind, but soon the face was disguised. When the male protagonist broke through the crime scene, thinking that he would choose justice, he slapped him again. When the male protagonist fell blind to the side of the road and was rescued, thinking that he would restore his eyesight to make a round, he fell into a fire pit. The plot can be reversed or reversed again. At the end of the story, two statements appear, whether the male protagonist sold the female protagonist or the woman tried to harm the male protagonist and encountered an accident. This reversal until the last scene, the male protagonist kicked Kick off the can on the side of the road to understand the final truth.

In this movie, all the villains dispelled the irritation of watching the protagonist of White Lotus for a long time, and the reversal of the plot all the way kept the suspense to the end. I prefer the ruthless exposure of social reality in the movie. The wife is going to cheat, the police are bad guys, the doctors cut the kidneys, there are hypocritical male protagonists, cruel female protagonists, and greedy children. Although Lin Lin is not the norm in society, it is also a practical problem that cannot be ignored. Not only is India more like in China, it is a pity that there are not enough movies like ours. Although the movie is a fairy tale with twenty-four frames per second, only fairy tales that reflect reality have more vitality.

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