O.J.:Made in America


This series of 5-episode documentary films brought the famous rugby player O.J. Simpson’s wife murder case that shocked the nation in the last century on the screen. It not only reviewed the history of the black civil rights movement in the United States and Simpson’s unknown growth experience and road to fame. Analyzing the deep-seated reasons behind the murder of his wife, and through this “major case of the century”, it reflected many issues in American society at the time, such as judicial justice, domestic violence, civil rights, racial issues, and celebrity effects.

The film traces the rise and fall of heroes made in the United States, the ups and downs and entanglements of the times, a country can create both heroes and tragedies!

“OJ:Made in America” ​​is a non-fictional film. It is not only a distraction of news events and an in-depth intervention of vulnerable groups. It should also stand from the perspective of all mankind and strive to find out the human being shown in the individual. Common emotions. This kind of emotion should never contain prejudice and political stance. It is not a judgment tool of politics and history, but should be a key for human beings to understand each other and a mirror that helps us grow.

The documentary “OJ: Made in America” ​​has a thorough analysis and review of the “race and law” and “political correctness” of the United States. It will make you feel that every episode of watching has received a huge impact and psychological heaviness. . Whether you want to experience the authentic “Made in America” ​​of the most developed country in the world, or you want to have three views, you have your own judgment on current affairs rather than the views of most people.

“O.J.: Made in America” ​​dissected this century-old case. The truth behind the news, American racial conflicts and the changes in policy over the past few decades are all condensed in 5 episodes. After reading it, it is difficult to make a one-sent two-sentence conclusion on the Simpson case, because there are too many complicated conflicts that people can only calm down to think and study, those ethnic divisions, crossing the political and legal boundaries The behavior, those terrifying human abyss, will never disappear.

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