Thriller “Poker Face‎” Directed and Starred by Russell Crowe Reveals Trailer

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Oscar winner Russell Crowe wrote and directed the first trailer for the thriller “Poker Face‎” , which tells the story of Crowe as a billionaire who wanted to “play” his friends through the game of poker, not expecting to meet a home invasion robbery halfway.

The film will be released in Northern America on November 22nd this year.

‘Poker Face’ follows Jake (Crowe), a tech billionaire who gathers his childhood friends at his Miami mansion for a high-stakes poker game. These friends have a love-hate relationship with this host.

Jake is also a game master& planner who has crafted a plan designed to bring some sort of justice to them all.

Thriller "Poker Face‎" Directed and Starred by Russell Crowe Reveals Trailer | FMV6

However, when Jake’s Miami mansion is overrun by a dangerous home invader, he finds himself needing to rethink his strategy.

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