“Stand by Me Doraemon 2” new trailer and pre-sale of posters has started

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On April 14, the latest 3D special effects animation film “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” released a finalized poster and a preview of “Nobita’s Wedding Overture”.

It is scheduled to be released on May 28 and will meet the audience on the eve of “Six Day”.

On May 28, 6 years ago, “Doraemon”‘s first 3D CG movie “Stand by Me Doraemon” turned out. Unlike the 2D theatrical version once a year, “Stand by Me Doraemon” is a more sophisticated and emotional full-age animation work.

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After being screened in China, it smashed the tear ducts of many adult audiences and became the No. 1 Japanese movie at the domestic box office at that time.

Six years later, also on May 28, “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” finally ushered in the return, which is highly anticipated by domestic audiences, and is about to set off a movie-watching boom.

It is reported that this “Doraemon” 50th anniversary commemorative work will also become the last work in the “Walk with Me” series.

“Stand by Me Doraemon 2” “Grandma’s Wish” version of the trailer is released. Nobita wants to see his grandma again, and since childhood, grandma’s wish has always been: hope that Nobita will be happy.

The official also released a new poster of “Stand by Me Doraemon 2”, Doraemon poked his head out of any door, “open for business”.

The fixed posters this time made many fans speculate that Nobita’s dream of marrying Shizuka is finally coming true!

In the poster, Nobita and Shizuka are standing next to each other in dresses, Doraemon sticks out half-round heads, eyes with tears, staring and blessing the couple.

Associated with the 50th anniversary commemorative work logo of “Doraemon” on the left side of the poster, it makes people instantly perceive that it turns out that this moment of “lovers finally getting married” has been waiting for half a century.

In the trailer of “Nobita’s Wedding Overture” announced at the same time, in addition to the naive 3D form of Doraemon, there is also a figure of Nobita who has lost his soul at the wedding scene.

Facing the beautiful bride Shizuka in a wedding dress, Nobita fled because he suspected that he could not bring happiness to the other party.

In the next scene, there is a scene of Doraemon and the young Nobita flying over the future city. It seems that they are also participating in the “marriage escape incident”.

At the end of the trailer, there are “Two Nobita” and Doraemon. A magical scene in the same frame. What kind of adventure and crisis will they experience this time? Can the wedding go smoothly? The answer can only be found in the cinema at that time!

From the birth of “Doraemon” to the present, it has been half a century for Nobita and Shizuka’s “Love Run”. This time, can readers and viewers expect that sweet and happy ending?

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