“Hail, Driver!” Directed by Muzzamer Rahman Releases Official Trailer

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“Hail, Driver!” releases the Official Trailer, which is directed by Muzzamer Rahman and stars Bront Palarae, Nam Ron and Sharifah Amani.

After his father’s death, the unemployed Aman returns to Kuala Lumpur and embarks illegally on a ride-hailing service, as he fails to obtain a driving license due to his color blindness.

When his landlord chases him out of his rental accommodation, he ends up sleeping in his car.

A chance encounter with Bella, a Chinese ‘escort girl’, grants Aman a temporary residence at her place.

In return, she asks Aman to become her driver.

As they become closer, Bella confides in Aman about her intention to leave Malaysia.

Complications ensue when Bella finds herself pregnant and decides to have an abortion.

"Hail, Driver!" Directed by Muzzamer Rahman Releases Official Trailer

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