Why is “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” so popular?

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After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” so popular?

On the Children’s Day, the animation film finally ushered in a big explosion.In particular, the classic Japanese anime movie “Stand by Me Doraemon 2”, with a box office of more than 39 million, is firmly on the top of the box office in a single day.

Why is this anime so charming?

Apart from the reason for Children’s Day, it is because of the excellent quality of this animation.

1.Not only IP, but also feelings!

“Doraemon” was first born in 1970, which means that from 1970 to the present, this IP story has existed for more than 50 years.

And the earliest Chinese audiences were exposed to “Doraemon”, it should be from the 90s animation.

After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" so popular?

It is precisely because this IP has a huge fan base that every time this anime is released, it can attract a huge fan base to watch the movie.

But as a movie, if there is only IP, it is not enough. The key is that there should be stories and feelings.

For example, this time “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” is like this, not only the IP set, but also the most touching emotional orientation.

Watching the entire movie, the most touching thing is probably these few details:

One is that grandma will come to attend the wedding of Nobita and Shizuka from the future.

It was originally that Nobita flew to the past and wanted to see his grandma, but grandma chose to trust the young Nobita unconditionally, not to mention, she also made a wish with Nobita.

After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" so popular?

That is the day I hope to see Daxiong get married.

And that day, not only the grandma came, but the Doraemon also came.

When seeing grandma, Doraemon, and young Nobita all appear at the wedding scene of adult Nobita, the audience is really easily moved.

This is the feeling, this is the moving thing.

At Nobita’s wedding scene, whether grandma or Doraemon, there should have been witnesses.

The second moving thing is the scene where Shizuka saves Nobita!

Nobita was bullied by the gangster.

After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" so popular?

The first to help Nobita was Shizuka.

Then Fat Tiger and Xiaofu came out and drove away those little gangsters.

It can be said that Nobita has really been living in happiness and caring throughout his life.

When I was young, I was protected by Shizuka, and when I grew up, Shizuka still trusts Nobita without any regrets.

Even if he ran away temporarily when he got married, she still firmly believed that Nobita could come back.

With these details alone, you can actually see the warmth and feelings in this movie.

And this is also an idea that the “Doraemon” series has been passing on.

Family, love, and friendship have always existed around each of us, but we, like Nobita, lack a pair of eyes for discovery!

2.Not only animation, but also science fiction!

If we only regard “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” as a children’s animation, it might be a big mistake.

At least after watching this movie, the audience can feel that this movie is definitely not just an animation, but more like a science fiction film in terms of storyline.

After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" so popular?

Why do you say that? It starts with a few details of the movie:

The first detail is that time and space have traveled.

Doraemon has already photographed this routine of real-time air traversal many times.

But this time is really different, not just a crossing, but a crossing of chaotic time and space.

For the first time, Nobita and Doraemon traveled to the past and found grandma,

The second time he traveled back to the future and arrived at the wedding scene of an adult Nobita.

The third time was when the adult Nobita and the young Nobita crossed back to when they were just born.

It can be said that just to understand these eras of crossing is a bit brainstorming, not to mention that there is a routine often used in movies in this movie.

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That is the exchange of souls.

Arbitrary travel through time and space, coupled with the exchange of souls, and people from different time and space all gather in the same time and space.

To be honest, when I watched this movie, I was really shocked by the film’s narrative method.

This is a cartoon for children, and it is a masterpiece comparable to the science fiction film “Pre-Destination”.

So if you take children to watch this movie, you might really not understand what this movie has to say about it.

3.The box office estimate may not be too good!

Although I personally think that the quality of this “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” movie is quite good, and the current box office growth rate of this movie is also pretty good.

But for the future trend of this movie’s box office, it is not optimistic.

After 5 days of release, it won 156 million box office in China. Why is "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" so popular?

One of course is the one mentioned above, although the quality of this movie is quite high, and it has a taste of science fiction.

But as an animation whose audience is children and young people, this movie is indeed easy to persuade many people.

Especially for young people who are used to watching popcorn and brainless movies, this kind of movies is really not very friendly.

The second is that there are many opponents.

“Stand by Me Doraemon 2″‘s strongest opponent is actually “Fast and Furious 9”.

Although “Fast and Furious 9” has been affected by various reasons, the box office has fallen into a trough.

But as a popcorn movie, as an IP movie, this “Fast and Furious 9” can still easily attract many young people.

So “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” may only make a lot of money in the six-first stage, and then “Fast and Furious 9” popcorn movies are still in the world!

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