In “Avengers 3.4”, why didn’t the Eternals show up to help the heroes fight against Thanos

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Recently, the official trailer of the Marvel movie”Eternals” was released.

According to the information disclosed in the trailer, we can know that Eternals has a long history, and they have lived secretly on Earth for thousands of years.

And Eternals is a super-powered race, and each member has extraordinary talents.

For example, Hina, played by Angelina Jolie, can turn energy into various weapons.

Circe, played by Jiama Chen, can transform matter.

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Icarus, played by Richard Madden, has a super body and can fly and control cosmic energy.

It can be said that Eternals itself is a large team comparable to the Avengers, with a strong combat effectiveness.

But this setting has also raised questions for many viewers. Since Eternals are so powerful and per capita superheroes, why didn’t they show up to help the heroes of the reunion when Thanos invaded the earth?

If the Eternals participated in the final battle of “Avengers 4”, the heroes would definitely have a lot of ease, and even if they didn’t sacrifice Iron Man, they would be able to level the Thanos Army.

Before Ultron, Malekis, Domam and other villains threatened the security of the earth, Eternals also never showed up.

Although from the perspective of reality outside of the movie, this must be due to the problem of the movie plan, Marvel did not intend to let Eternals debut so early.

However, the interlocking plot is one of the main points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So Marvel must give a reasonable explanation for Eternals’ behavior of observing on the wall, otherwise the plot will collapse.

According to the information in the “Eternals” trailer, Marvel does have the willingness to give an explanation.

The narrator in the trailer stated that the Eternal Group had never interfered with human events until now!

From the narration, we can know that something special must have happened on the earth now, and the eternal group gave up hiding it because of this event.

As for what the matter is, I think it is likely that the Deviants, the old enemy of Eternals, is going to do a big deal!

Deviants, like Eternals, are the creations of the cosmic gods. However, the appearance of Deviants is very different from Eternals. From a human point of view, Deviants are like monsters.

In the comics, the Deviants reproduced extremely fast, so they later relied on the number to beat the Eternals that were born at the same time. In desperation, the Eternals had to summon the cosmic god group to the earth.

The Celestial Group can be regarded as “cosmic gardeners”, they will create the stars and life.

In addition to Eternals and Deviants, the birth of mutants and Skrews is also directly related to the Celestial Group.

But the Celestial team will also “prun” the works that they are not satisfied with. The Deviants did not get the favor of the Celestial team, so the Celestial team destroyed the Deviants civilization after returning to Earth.

According to the current information, the villain in “Eternals” is the Deviants. So Deviants must be the same as the eternal group, secretly living on earth for thousands of years.

Before these two races were likely to be in a state of checks and balances for a long time, and secretly confronted each other on Earth, so neither Eternals nor Deviants had spared their hands to interfere with Earth events.

In this way, the definition of Eternals in the movie is somewhat similar to that of the Supreme Master.

The Supreme Master focuses on fighting against the mysterious enemy invading the earth, so he secretly protected the earth for N years, and Zhong Gu Yi in “Reunion 1.2” only paid attention, and did not show up to help the heroes.

Eternals focuses on fighting against Deviants. Deviants are the villains that threaten the earth, so Eternals must be the heroes who guard the earth.

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So it is reasonable to guess that the reason why the Eternals did not show up to help the reunion in “Reunion 3.4” is because they have been fighting the Deviants on their own battlefield.

And now that Eternals decided to move from behind the scenes to the front, it is very likely that the Deviants have mastered new power and broke the balance.

The Eternals couldn’t continue to stop them from threatening the earth behind the scenes, so they decided to gather all their forces and face the Deviants in a fair fight!

If the Deviants in the movie also suppressed the Eternals by their unique advantages like in the comics, then Eternals may summon the Celestial group like in the comics.

Of course, this is just a personal opinion, and the plot of the feature film is likely to be different from it, but the reason why Eternals has been hidden, the feature film will definitely give the answer.

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