Official Trailer for the rebooted version of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, which will be launched on Netflix on February 18

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Trailer and poster for the horror reboot “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” from Legendary Pictures.

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is directed by David Blue Garcia and written by Chris Thomas Devlin.

The new film will be the ninth in the series, the first of which was directed by Tobe Hooper in 1974, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‎, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror films of all time.

Official Trailer for the rebooted version of

Hooper also directed the 1986 sequel, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ‎2. Two more sequels were made in 1990 and 1995, but Hooper was not involved.

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” hits Netflix on February 18.

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