“Monster Hunter” reveals the ultimate preview, “Resident evil” lineup explodes at the end of the year

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“Monster Hunter”, the latest masterpiece of the original crew of the “Resident Evil” series, will be released nationwide on December 4th. Recently, the exclusive ultimate trailer and poster in China have been released, and the popular pre-sales have also been opened simultaneously. “Monster Hunter” is leading the world in the mainland release this time, giving domestic audiences the opportunity to surprise “early adopters”. At the same time, the film will be screened in multiple versions of China Giant Screen, IMAX, Dolby Atmos, CINITY, etc., and audiences will have the opportunity to better experience the audiovisual shock of Hollywood’s top visual effects production in the theater. As the only monster giant to land in mainland cinemas this year, “Monster Hunter” will undoubtedly be the most unmissable action blockbuster at the end of this cold winter.

The ultimate showdown is on the verge, with amazing details of monster special effects

According to the main creative team, 80% of the film was shot and produced in real scenes. The natural sand and dusty landscapes in South Africa and other locations add the texture of real creatures to the CG behemoths. Although the formidable behemoths in the film are 15 to 18 meters tall, the special effects of the monsters are detailed and rich, such as the stunning details of the colorful skin when the fire dragon spreads its wings in the sun, and the ingenuity can be seen everywhere in the final trailer.

The release of modern “Dragon Hunting” triggers brain holes, and is expected to open the “Strange Hunting” series of movies

In the final preview released this time, the whole picture of the “weird hunting” world gradually became clear, from ancient ruins, tropical rain forests to bare rock caves, desert solitary smoke, the landscape is colorful and full of fantasy. The herbivorous carapace of the carapace shows up for the first time, showing a sense of tameness that is completely different from other fierce behemoths. At the end, the happy barbecue of the heroine and heroine also reflects the fun moments of hunters’ survival under pressure. The confrontation between the fire dragon and the helicopter in the trailer also adds a lot of tension and shock to the film. Can the heroine Artemis played by Mira finally return to the real world? What kind of connection exists between the two spaces? There were many suspense in the trailer, which caused many netizens to speculate. The answer still has to be fully revealed after the film is released, which is really exciting! The film’s director and screenwriter Paul Anderson bluntly stated that as a loyal fan of the original game, he has been preparing for the filming for 11 years. Therefore, a sequel was brewing to turn this film into a “Resident Evil” series of movies, which is also in his expectation. It is not difficult to see that this film will be the first stop for him to lead the audience on the mainland of “Strange Hunting”.

The ultimate poster released at the same time features the fire dragon as the absolute protagonist, and there are still other flying dragons in the distant air constantly coming to support. The poster’s perspective is hidden behind the leaves and branches, making the viewer seem to be hiding in the jungle because of the danger of the fire dragon, creating a tense atmosphere that is breathtaking! Although it seems that there is a huge disparity in strength, Mila rushed to the fire dragon with her back and a pair of swords in hand. Tony Jaze pulled a huge crossbow at her side and aimed at the fire dragon. The whole poster highlighted the hero’s bravery and fearlessness against the monster.

The movie “Monster Hunter” is written and directed by Paul Anderson, starring Milla Jovovich and Tony Jia. It will be released in full-system theaters across the country on December 4th. The Hunting of Other Worlds is about to strike.

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