Official announcement! “Fantastic Beasts 3”, the powerful faction will replace Depp in Grindelwald


Today, Warner officially announced that Max Mickelson will replace Depp as Grindelwald in “Fantastic Beasts 3”!

Earlier, after Johnny Depp lost the lawsuit against The Sun, he was asked by Warner to withdraw from the Fantastic Beasts series. Warner also revealed that he would re-select people to play Grindelwald.

After that, there were rumors that Max Mickelson, the star of the American drama “Hannibal,” was expected to replace him in Grindelwald. Today, Warner officially confirmed the news.

In the well-known American drama “Hannibal”, there is Anthony Hopkins Jewels in front, and Max Mickelson’s version of Hannibal is still recognized by fans. He has also appeared in movies such as “007: Vs. Casino Royale”, “Doctor Strange”, “Star Wars Story: Rogue One”, and especially the villains played in “Doctor Strange” are impressive.

After the Warner official announcement, netizens said that the casting “I can”, and they also used the “Hannibal” stalk to ridicule. From now on, it will be “How to eat magical animals”.

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