Boxing hit movie sequel ‘Creed III‎’ releases official trailer

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A friend in need is a friend indeed—until what they need is to snatch your glory. So is the apparent struggle before Adonis Creed in the trailer for ‘Creed III‎’ , the latest installment in the Michael B. Jordan-led Rocky offshoot. Jordan stars again as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, and also directs the film.

As the trailer kicks off, Adonis has everything he’s ever wanted: victories, a Forbes cover, his own gym, and a family with his main squeeze Bianca (Tessa Thompson).

Creed himself acknowledges that all these blessings balance on the shoulders of giants—his trainer, Rocky Balboa, and his late father.

But Adonis’ past has more than just formidable friends and family in it, as new character Damian (Jonathan Majors) proves. Posing as a fan seeking an autograph, Damian quickly reveals himself as Adonis’ former friend, and a standout fighter himself.

Boxing hit movie sequel 'Creed III‎' releases official trailer | FMV6

Years ago, Damian stood beside Adonis during an altercation with cops; Adonis escaped, while Damian served 18 years in prison.

“We was like brothers… I was the best though,” Damian tells Bianca after she inquires what happened between him and Adonis. “I never got the chance to prove that though.”

Although initially, their relationship is all fun and boxing games, Damian’s aggression and disregard for seriously harming his competitors grow problematic.

Boxing hit movie sequel 'Creed III‎' releases official trailer | FMV6

Eventually, despite their former ties, Adonis realizes there’s only one answer to his frenemy woes: a “Battle For Los Angeles” between the two boxers. (Cue a blandly cinematic trap beat.)

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Boxing hit movie sequel 'Creed III‎' releases official trailer | FMV6

From there, the trailer is all shirtless mountain sprints, ice baths, and hard looks in the mirror: Rocky universe content that’s both desired and deserved.

There’s nothing like a Rocky-style montage to indicate power in the journey over the destination—plus, Majors and Jordan make the journey look good.

Boxing hit movie sequel 'Creed III‎' releases official trailer | FMV6

Creed III will premiere in theaters on March 3, 2023.

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