The Croods 2:After waiting for 7 years, the barbarian finally returned with a hilarious laugh

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In 2013, “The Croods” turned out. Tells about the first family in the world-the Croods family. Refreshing settings. Hilarious and cheerful everyday. Yes, it is “Crazy Primitive”.

Seven years have passed, after script rewriting, project suspension, and postponement of the epidemic. “The Croods 2” is finally online. Watch the complete film. You can say, the same formula, the same taste. Hilarious, moving, it’s all there-“The Croods 2” (2020)

How hot was “The Croods” back then?

Look at word of mouth. 650,000 people, a high score of 8.7. Ranked top 250 in Douban movies. Look at the box office. The global box office is 580 million U.S. dollars (about 3.8 billion RMB). It directly established its super classic status in the history of Hollywood animation film. So after the first in 13 years. Netizens look forward to the stars and the moon, just waiting for the sequel to be released. Of course, this kind of classic work. I’m afraid the audience expects too much and the sequel is not strong enough. But don’t worry. Look at the complete film, just one word: steady. You can even let go of ruthless words. This is definitely the best movie for all ages in 2020. none of them.

First of all, the laughs are numerous and close. In the last part, the Croods family finally walked out of the cave and began to accept new things. In this movie, in order to find the perfect home, they enter a paradise by mistake. Primitives broke into a civilized family. Isn’t it incompatible? Yes, it is precisely because of incompatibility that the unexpected Xiaoguo civilization family is very advanced. Living in a tree, invented elevators and toilets. Every room even has windows.

but. For primitive people, what is the use of these. elevator? The child broke when he hit his head. Toilet? It is just right for the pet to take a bath in it. window? The birds on the tree are just right. But why do the birds look? Isn’t it for eating? -Not right now, I am watching birds-In our time, birds weren’t for watching, it was a civilization that used to eat to match the primitive. I don’t look down on your barbarism. You don’t look down on my rules. Competing in the middle, this is the funniest.

Secondly, the film also makes good use of transitions. I was caught off guard and made you laugh. Guy and Xiaoyi like each other. Unexpectedly, Gai and the civilized family are actually old acquaintances. Xiaoxi and Gai are childhood sweethearts and have similar interests. So see Xiao Xi. Xiao Yi frowned and looked nervous. Master Pai thought he was about to enter the eight o’clock gear to grab her boyfriend. Left Xiaoyi, Right Xiaoxi. The result. In the next second, Xiao Yi directly raised Xiao Xi horizontally over his head. Then… the girl in situ circled. Turning around, shouting: “Little…sister, I have never seen a little sister of the same age.” After putting it down. The two didn’t know what they were going to talk about, but their voices just turned sharp unconsciously and they wanted to scream together inexplicably. what should we do? What should I say between the little sisters? Damn, why has our voice changed and why has it become more and more sharp? Whatever his boyfriend, the little sister is the most important.

There is also the section where Phil and Gua go in the sauna. Phil took Gua brother to his secret base for a sauna. The temperature is getting higher and higher. Gua Ge can’t stand the heat. Seeing that he was wearing thick fur, Phil suggested to him: If you feel uncomfortable, you can take off your fur, but Gua didn’t even think about it. Pointed directly to the clothes hanger: I had already taken off Phil and stared in shock, embarrassed and politely replied: “Okay.” The whole audience laughed directly.

In addition to the smile. It also has a slick theme. If we say, the first part is represented by Gua Ge. Tell the old school parents. They think that new things are bad, and they don’t want their children to touch the outside world. The new ones are bad. Never be afraid. Then, the conflict in this movie will intensify. The collision between the new and the old is more obvious.

Phil’s civilized family. From the very beginning, he took a lofty attitude. Specially emphasize that he is a “civilized” person. -Civilization… People? -The point is civilization, they are smart and advanced. Use wisdom to create a paradise, no worries about food and clothing. Build a high wall so that wild beasts will not attack. Xiao Xi has not been hurt at all. On the other hand, Gulu’s Guru family. Sleeping without meals, often can’t eat enough. Xiao Yi got scars all over his body for hunting. Although civilization makes life better.
But the film does not blindly stand on the side of civilization. Phil’s family motto: There is an independent personality with privacy.

However, privacy also gives family members a sense of distance. Phil often makes excuses to go out and hide in his secret base. In fact, in order to avoid his wife and daughter for a while. And then Phil had an accident. The first thing the wife thought of was not rescue. But I was afraid that I and my daughter would get hurt. And, the most important point. Why did Phil build a high wall? To protect her daughter Xiao Xi. He strictly forbids Xiao Xi to step outside the wall, just like the first Gua brother forbids Xiao Yi to leave the cave. In this way, isn’t it Xiao Xi’s cave inside the wall?

“The Croods 2” is under the hilarious shell. Digging in is one profound issue after another. There are conflicts between new and old, conflicts between children and parents, boundaries of privacy and independent personality, and so on. However, the same as the first one. When discussing serious topics, this film did not fall into preaching. But through laughter, it is naturally conveyed to the audience. This is really two words: convinced.

Strongly Amway everyone to see.

This animation. Create a world with novel settings. Contain some profound topics with dense smiles. Laughter, tears, burning, a lot. You might as well walk into the theater and follow the adventures of the two families of Phil. To reap an extraordinary joy.

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