“The fall of XX” came out again. This time it was the earth that will be destroyed. Unfortunately, it was too bad and Captain America almost acted. “


American actor Gerald Butler’s “XX Fall” can be said to be a brand. This series of movies includes “Olympus Fall”, “London Fall”, “Angel Fall”, if it includes OEM” The “Felling” “Ice Sea Has Fallen” and even “Global Storm” have become the famous work of Gerald Butler, the iron man who broke out of “300 Spartan”.

Today’s movie “Doomsday Escape” is also starring Gerald Butler, a rough man who fell wherever he went. This time the battle of destruction is also a global disaster. The rough men are still the chosen children, but the scenes are far from the previous works, so simple and terrible, or there is no scene.

Two meteors approached the earth, the US government concealed the truth, and the media urged everyone to be a firework show arranged by heaven. Immediately be slapped in the face: the meteor splits and falls on the earth, the end is coming.

The time has come for the destruction of the earth again, and the unlucky man Gerald Butler has once again become the chosen son of heaven. I just don’t know why such an ordinary character was selected by the US government to become one of a billion people with escape qualifications. When everyone was stunned and waiting to die, the unlucky man received a message at the presidential level: You have been selected, run away.

It can only be said that this design makes the male protagonist instantly bullish, and makes the audience who are easily brought into the protagonist’s mood feel unusual-privilege is good, who doesn’t want to be Long Aotian.

Well, without any explanation, the unlucky man began to take his wife and son to escape from the airport with a refreshing halo, waved goodbye to the sad mortals, and rushed to their new garden of Eden.

According to the previous “XX Falling” routine, the places where the unlucky men appeared were the sky and the earth, the mountains and the tsunami, and the relatives died. But in “Doomsday Escape”, these clichés are absent, what is there? Nothing. It’s either rubbing a car, or on your legs, then some accidental wives, and finally a reunion.

That’s it, there is no point at all.

The family finally got together again, and together with another large group of self-reliant gangsters, they found a plane, rushed to the underground escape fortress, and waited for the destruction of the earth.

Except for the “shocking” background setting of the destruction of the earth at the beginning, the movie “Doomsday Escape” has no reason for you to be interested in sitting in your seat and watch it. There is no scene, no rhythm, no story, and three no products.

It is said that such a movie was originally determined to be the starring role of Captain America, but due to the schedule, it was changed to a “fallen” rough man. For the captain, luck escaped a chance of ruin.

Even for a rough guy, participating in such a movie will affect his reputation.

I still look forward to the next fall of the rough man: “The Night Has Fallen”.

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