‘Black Adam’ releases set photos, Dwayne Johnson returns to set for reshoots


A few days ago, the DC film “Black Adam” starring Dwayne Johnson exposed the set photos. In the photo, Dwayne Johnson is wearing a mask, standing behind a monitor, watching his performance.

To this end, he wrote: “We are working on the final details, before the entire film is completely packaged and distributed.”

'Black Adam' releases set photos, Dwayne Johnson returns to set for reshoots

According to Johnson, for the reshoots, he went through a few weeks of training and diet control to get his body in perfect shape.

Previously, for the role of Black Adam, Johnson prepared for two years. Whether it was diet, fitness, training, or performance, Johnson made great efforts.

Black Adam is a character that is difficult to categorize under the DC banner. In general, he’s a huge villain. But at some point, he’s also able to make choices that fit with mainstream values.

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Thus, the strong duality of this character gives him endless drama.

When talking about the style of the film, film director Jaume Collet-Serra said: “I don’t try to whitewash peace in the film. The film is not a black and white world, but there are many gray areas. I want to show in the film. A dark version of Johnson. I said to him, just think of yourself as a superhero version of ‘Dirty Harry‎’.”

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