Netflix announces “Resident Evil” live-action drama of the same name


(Netflix) officially announced the live-action American drama “Resident Evil” of the same name adapted from the CAPCPM “Resident Evil” game series.

The show will be broadcast in 8 episodes, each with 60 minutes.

Now the official has brought some new details about “Resident Evil”.

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The “Resident Evil” episode will depict a new original story in two timelines.

The first timeline is about what happened after 14-year-old Wesker sisters Jade and Billie moved to New Raccoon City.

The Wesker sisters enjoy their youth in this amazing man-made city.

But gradually, they began to notice the reality of the city and wondered if their father was hiding something.

They didn’t know that it was the dangerous secret that led the world to destruction….

The second timeline is about what happened in the future world more than 10 years from then.

There are now less than 15 million humans on Earth, and humans and animals infected by T-virus have become more than 6 billion monsters covering the earth.

In this new world, the 30-year-old Jade bet on survival while being tortured by his sister, father and the secrets of her own past.

Andrew Dabb, the program coordinator, production director and screenwriter of this work, said: “”Resident Evil” is my favorite game.

I am very excited to be the narrator of a new scene in this magnificent story, and to bring the first TV series in the history of “Resident Evil” to Netflix audiences around the world.

While many familiar characters are on the stage, this work shows another side that they have never seen before. It will be the best for all fans of “Resident Evil” and audiences who are exposed to “Resident Evil” for the first time. s work”.

Netflix announces "Resident Evil" live-action drama of the same name

The director and production director of the first episode of “Resident Evil” will be Bronwen Hughes (“Walking Dead”, “Better Call Saul”).

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