“Prison Break” character combing, witness the impossible escape

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Today, I will tell you about the American drama “Prison Break”. This American drama has five seasons and one movie. It can be said to be very scary.

The first season of “Prison Break” was released on September 1, 2005. Let’s first sort out the characters and various relationships of “Prison Break” today.

First of all, of course, we must introduce our protagonist Michael Scofield.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Since the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, he and his brother Lincoln Burrows have lived on each other.

However, although Lincoln is a street gangster, he is able to get ahead in order for his younger brother to successfully complete his studies.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

He concealed his brother from borrowing money from loan sharks, allowing Michael to successfully become a structural engineer.

But at this time Lincoln was arrested and imprisoned. Michael’s thinking was clear and he was calm and calm.

Faced with all kinds of evidence, he still chose to believe his brother.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

And he had participated in the reformation of the prison, so he was determined to rescue his brother.

Michael is the commander of the entire escape operation and their brains.

Michael is good at calculation and planning. He planned all the links and overcome all kinds of difficulties.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Lincoln Burrows

He is Michael’s elder brother, he is strong, and he feels that he is the strongest among the people who escaped from prison together.

Lincoln was imprisoned in Fox River Prison for being framed.

Although he has developed limbs, his mind is not simple, and he trusts his brother Michael very much.

Fernando Sucre

Fernando Sucre is Michael’s cellmate.

At first, Sucre showed disinterest when faced with the hint of Michael’s escape from prison.

Because his sentence is only five years, and through continuous reductions, he has only a dozen months left.

But then he chose to escape with Michael because he was afraid of his girlfriend being pried away.

This Sucre’s way of entering prison is also unique.

He had a girlfriend, but he didn’t have the money to buy things for his girlfriend, so he chose to robbery with a gun.

He robbed the same store twice and was arrested the second time.

Sucre is more trusted by Michael, and he also trusts Michael very much. Sucre is more interesting and reliable.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape


T-bag is a controversial role, I have to say that he played so well, I even think T-bag is very handsome.

T-bag is a tendency to violence and cruelty to animals.

The crime he committed has increased from the beginning of animal cruelty and vandalism to assault, attempted murder, murder and kidnapping of children.

I have to say that T-bag is really a cruel man, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was doing things every day in prison, until one day he broke Michael’s escape attempt, so he threatened Michael to join the escape team eventually.

Everyone in the team saw him uncomfortably, and he was still a bisexual.

Moreover, he is a man who must pay for his anger, he has a very flexible mind and a lot of careful thinking.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

John Abruzzi

John Abruzzi is the former Chicago mob leader and the most notorious criminal in the current Fox River prison.

Michael took a fancy to his power and power, and he could arrange the prison escape team to work together.

And John can also be responsible for arranging planes and vehicles.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

David Apolskis Apolskis

David Apolskis Apolskis is a professional thief.

His stealing skills are superb and once helped Michael get back his own gold watch.

But he has reported to the guards again, he is a bit weak and clever.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was originally a soldier, but in a dialogue with his superiors, he expressed that he would pursue the person who abused the prisoners of war.

So he was expelled from the military by his superiors and arrested on charges of theft.

Franklin discovered Michael’s attempt through observation.

Franklin is smart and flexible, but he is a good person.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape


CHARLES PATOSHIK Patoshik was a PhD candidate with outstanding performance in mathematics.

But he was mentally ill, but he helped Michael remember the lost map.

But he also threatened Michael with this and successfully escaped from prison.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper is an old man who is rumored to have hijacked an airplane and received 5 million dollars.

Michael found him, but he fell at the window a few steps away from freedom.

In fact, this character does exist in history, but it is not known whether he was arrested or not.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

There is also Sucre’s cousin, but he is a fat man, visually measuring about 230 kilograms.

He worked in the laundry room and helped Michael solve the clothing problem, but his weight prevented him from breaking out of prison.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Sara Tancredi

Sara wanted to be a doctor when she was very young.

She also became a doctor as she wished, but it was him who contracted drugs.

But eventually she quit the drugs and went to Fox River as a doctor.

Sara finally became Michael’s girlfriend, she also made a crucial step in Michael’s escape from prison, and her father was the governor.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Brad Bellick

Brad Bellick passed the police officer exam in the fall after graduating from high school. He has been in Fox River Prison ever since.

Although Brad Bellick was accused of abusing prisoners, he was promoted to captain three years later.

Although Brad Bellick accepted bribes and gave the prisoner a small treat, he observed the prisoner’s every move and paid extra attention to Michael.

But Brad Bellick was too arrogant, and eventually he discovered Michael’s jailbreak attempt, but he was controlled.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Paul Kallerman

Agent Paul graduated from West Point Military Academy with perfect performance 15 years ago, and the federal government gave him a leadership position in the Secret Service.

From an official point of view, he is not on the list of the Secret Service, and even he is not a member of the federal government at all.

But he actually served the vice president.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Now let’s summarize what “Prison Break” has shown us

1.There will be a chance to succeed if you are prepared, and you will fail if you are not prepared.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

This is an old saying, but there is a new explanation for Michael, that is, the plan must be sufficiently detailed and operational, and there must be a plan B.

What a huge plan to escape from prison.

Recalling Michael’s preparations, he tattooed the drawings on himself, using the existing people and things in the prison, the acquisition of every item, and the trust of every prisoner.

Our usual plans are far from reaching this level. We always think that we will take one step and watch one step, because when everything is ready, it will be too late.

Indeed, the plan really hasn’t changed as fast.

In the prison, Michael encountered a lot of things he hadn’t imagined before.

Encountered a lot of difficulties, but soon, he had plan B.

Pay attention to the plan B soon, why can it be done so quickly.

It’s because when he was working on Plan A, he was really detailed enough.

2.Life is an open-book exam, you need to use all your resources to answer the questions.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Michael used the knowledge he learned in his university during the escape process.

He also used the convenience in the company to know and change the prison’s drawings.

He even took advantage of Sara’s feelings for him.

Of course, there are still so many prisoners. He treats inmates in a win-win manner and cleverly uses the resources of all inmates.

3.Value exchange.

If Michael doesn’t understand jailbreak, or if Plan A fails to produce Plan B in time, how many times has he been abused?

4. It is all about attitude.

I couldn’t find a more suitable title, and it seemed inappropriate to use Milou’s “it is all about attitude”. This sentence was for T-bag.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

He is very smart and adaptable. Faced with the many calculations of the genius Michael, T-bag also insisted on being sent back to prison until the finale of the final season.

His high EQ and IQ are beyond doubt.

However, I think his body is not strong, at least the white actor is not strong enough.

The big guy in the prison has gone, but he has been a boss-level figure in the prison from beginning to end.

In the desert, in various situations, T-bag can always fight back.

Although he doesn’t understand Michael’s thoughts, he can always discern some clues and guarantee his own interests.

T-bag’s hard work, not afraid of death, that abnormal attitude makes any big boss afraid.

5.The enemy of the enemy is a friend.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

I saw this sentence in Fast and Furious, and I don’t remember how many times T-bag appeared on the opposite of Michael.

That scene that always surprised and troubled Michael appeared many times in the play.

The meaning of the phrase that the enemy’s enemy is a friend is similar to that there is no eternal friend but only eternal interests.

T-bag did this for himself.

So he was always able to oppose Michael again and again, and again and again to force Michael to accept him as a member of the team.

6.Is empathy so difficult?

When Lincoln learns that his child has been hunted down, he puts pressure on Michael.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Well, I believe everyone is very sad to see here, can’t you see how hard Michael is?

For you, you have given up your good prospects and are in jail.

Oh no, Lincoln made this mistake more than once.

As an audience, I often think that Lincoln is not worthy of Michael.

This well-developed, simple-minded character also made such a mistake in the following seasons.

He murdered Michael several times, is it so difficult to think about it?

7.A little positive energy.

"Prison Break" character combing, witness the impossible escape

Having said so much, it seems to be very gloomy, and enter the positive energy time below.

Home, after all, is the softest place for human beings.

Michael is for his brother, for his girlfriend, for his wife, for his daughter, for his family and children.

Some of these people were not put in jail because they did heinous things, and there were also mafia leaders who looked like murderous mafia.

When they felt their family, they undoubtedly chose to escape from prison.

We know that jailbreaking is a matter of high opportunity cost, such as another ten-year sentence, such as being shot during the escape process.

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