Ziren Wen’s new film “The Conjuring 3” is thrilling!


Ziren Wen’s new film “The Conjuring 3” is thrilling! Stills tribute to “The Exorcist”.

Recently, the film “The Conjuring 3” released multiple stills. The film is produced by Wen Ziren, the creator of the “The Conjuring” series, and directed by Michael Chavez. The film will be launched simultaneously on June 4, 2021 in North American theaters and HBO Max.

In the exposed series of stills, the frightened expressions of the characters and the high-contrast contrast of light and shadow strengthened the horror and strange atmosphere.

Among them, a still picture of a person standing in front of a ghost house with a suitcase, from the screen design seems to refer to a classic scene in the horror film “The Exorcist”, and the retro style arouses audience expectations.

“The Conjuring 3” stills

“The Exorcist” stills

“The Conjuring” series protagonists Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson continue to play the exorcist Warren couple in “The Conjuring 3”.

The story is based on the real “Arne Johnson Demon Possession Incident”. In 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, a tenant named Arne Johnson murdered the landlord Alan Bono.

During the trial, Arne Johnson claimed that “the room was haunted and the devil instigated him” before committing the crime. This is also the first case in the United States in which “devil possessed” was used as an excuse to defend. The court invited the Warrens to investigate this case. This is also one of the most famous supernatural cases they have ever handled.

“The Conjuring 3” also has some changes in the scene, extending from the haunted mansion of the first two films to courts, prison cells and other places. Producer Wen Ziren once expressed the hope that “The Conjuring 3” can try to explore areas that have not been involved before. .

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