“Venom 2” exposes the director’s creation special


“Venom 2” exposes the director’s creation special, the protagonist and villain’s design concept is revealed.

The superhero blockbuster “Venom 2” produced by Sony Pictures and adapted from Marvel Comics released the “Director’s Creation Special”, revealing for the first time the creative ideas behind the “Venom” and “Carnage” rivals.

The film is directed by Andy Serkis, the first man in Hollywood motion capture, and the original crew such as Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are assembled again.

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Woody Harrelson has joined in heavyweights, with Naomie Harris and Stephen Graham surprise participation, which will be screened worldwide starting September 15.

In “Director’s Creation Special”, Andy Serkis explained his creative ideas in the movie “Venom 2”.

In order to create a confrontation effect between “Venom” and “Carnage”, Andy Serkis designed different tentacles and deadly moves for them, and the fighting scenes will be more interesting.

Of course, all designs are also based on reality. In Andy’s view, virtual characters must be connected to reality in order to convince the audience.

"Venom 2" exposes the director's creation special

As the “first man in Hollywood motion capture”, Andy Serkis has excellently portrayed classic characters such as “Gollum” in the “The Lord of the Rings” series and “Caesar” in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

After becoming a director, Andy Serkis was promoted to a master in the field of motion capture in Hollywood blockbusters.

In addition to the action scenes, although the “Venom” and Eddie, which the audience loves to hear, “combine into one”, the daily routine of “killing each other in love” has also been fully upgraded.

In the director’s creation video, Andy Serkis said that this is also a difficult point in character creation, so it took a lot of time to portray this dual personality character.

Judging from the previews released earlier, many interesting stalks have also played a very strong entertainment effect.

“Venom” forcibly cooked breakfast for Eddie, spoke Chinese with a unique pronunciation, and let Eddie’s straightforward speech of “social death” in the same place became effective adjustments in the “apocalyptic atmosphere.”

Although the two had little quarrels, they still played hand in hand at the critical moment, which showed a tacit understanding.

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